Wanna know the secret?


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secrets secrets.


Oh readers (sigh).

I don’t like secrets.  Not really, at least.

But I have some secrets and

all will be revealed on Tuesday.




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thanks mail-lady!

For delivering Book #1 from the exchange.


Photo 48

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Camera help, if you please.

Hey people.

I need your help.

I would *like* to get a new camera. My point and shoot (Canon Power Shoot SD750) has been used for about 3 years now and has been good to me. It’s small and convenient. It was pretty reasonably priced (about 120 bucks) and I use it ALL the time. I don’t have to truck around an enormous ol’ camera to the park or Pumpkin Patch. I like it.

And while I have zero aspirations of being the worlds next best photographer, I know that I can be taking better pictures than the following. This was taken with my current camera. No setting shifts. Just a plain old picture:


Some of you may think nothing is wrong with this picture. Neither do I. Really. It’s fine. But the fact is….I have played with my friends Canons and Nikons (the fancy, big ones) and I have seen the shots that they produce. They are much better than what mine can spit out. I even used to have a CANON REBEL and it took lovely pictures without me EVER learning about it. I eventually sold it for about 3/4 of what I bought it for, because I was tired of lugging it around.

However, THIS is a picture taken with the REBEL, when I was in NYC. Like the one above, it was taken quickly with no setting changes. Just a plain old picture:


(Rachel ordering hot chestnuts in Central Park)

There is a marked difference. I can see it and I know it is there. I would like to have that crisp, colorful change in my photos. Especially since I take alot of them and USE a great deal of them in crafts, blogging, photo albums, cards etc.

I am kinda annoyed with the fact that a normal “mom” camera now costs 500 bucks. But, oh well. I have fiddled with my camera settings and it’s not giving me what I want.

So….I ask you this.

What camera do you have that:

*takes great pics

*is relatively easy to learn about

*Is reasonably priced.

Like I said….I’m not looking to become Annie Leibovitz, but would like to take a small amount of time, learn a few things and take better pictures!


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the first of many.

I wanted to use my new cookbook so badly yesterday.  So, I made something with ingrediants I had on hand, which I knew would be to my husbands delight.

He loves his eggs over-easy.  I DO NOT.

So, I ate some peanuts and a cube of cheese and then made him “Egg In the Hole”, which is messy, ooey-gooey and delicious (to him).  Her recipe was simple and delightful (says Sean).  The one on the left turned out pristine and perfectly rounded.  Not so much the one on the right.  Live and learn.

I can’t wait to whip up my next creation!


**If you don’t like butter, bread, salt and eggs mixed, than this is not the dish for you.  Otherwise, bring on the coronary!!**

PS–do you have a cast iron skillet?  If not–get your hands on one.  It makes cooking more seasoned, in my opinion.  You can find them at most estate sales and some garage sales.  I got mine (9 inches) for 10 bucks and it has been the best 10 bucks I have ever spent.  I bake bread in it, for peets sake!


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Saddle up.

It came in the mail today!  WEEEEEEE!

Gets yours HERE.

Go forth and cook (and eat and devour and go back for seconds).

Photo 44


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Dear 20 Months Kensington.

Dear Kensington,

We love you so much and want so much for you.  We want you to be happy.  We want you to be better than us.  We want you to learn earlier than us, that being authentic and real is important.

Mostly, we want you to love Jesus.  We want you to love Him with all your heart.  And we want you to take that love and share it with everyone around you.  Love people, give to people, be there for people.  Listen to people.  Care about their needs.  Let people who are different than you speak.  Do not look down on others, rather share Christ’s compassion and understanding, while sticking to what you believe, in your heart.

Degrees, trophies and medals mean little to us, in comparison to learning and giving the Lord’s unfailing love.  Everyone needs it.  Everyone deserves it.

Be great, Kensington.

Happy 20 months,

Mom and Dad




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