for the love of literature.


I’ve said it before and I will say it again.

I love books.  I’m a reader.  I read anything and everything.  I began my love affair with books about 8 years ago.  I liked books before that, but hadn’t truly cultivated a desire to read fine literature.  One day, I closed a book and had a totally different outlook on life.  From that day on, I was hooked.  Hooked on the possibilities of what a book can do.

I have a book club.  I read each day.  I love the smell of books.  I love the look of books.  I love that each book offers something.  I love that I become different each time I crack open their spine. I love that I can’t part with my books.  I part with furniture, pictures, bedspreads and clothes with ease….yet I can never get rid of a book that I have read.  It’s a part of me.

I love them.


I want Kensington to love books too. When I was asked by my friend, Sarah, if I would like to participate in a kids book exchange, I was SUPER excited.  I’m not usually game for the “chain letter” concept, but in this case, I’m a BIG fan!

Basically, you send one childrens book and you get 36 back!  WHAT??!!  FABULOUS.

You get a letter, make copies, send books to the first person on the list, move your name to #2…blahblahblah…you know the drill.

And in about two weeks, you get your books.I can’t wait to pick out a book for our “person” and I can’t wait to see what we receive in the mail.

Here is where I thought of you, blog readers: If YOU would like to be one of the six people that I send a letter to, comment or email me.  I want people that are excited and interested to participate and I figure some of you would love this idea as much as I do!  The first six people to respond will get a letter and be able to have this cool opportunity! Who doesn’t want 36 brand new books for their child!  For the price of 1.

**Thanks, but all 6 spots are filled! **

Let the reading begin.


Problem solved:

If you are like me and have so many books it hurts, you lose track of who you loan them to.  This makes me cranky when I am trying to find it.

Problem solved by my wonderful cousin when she purchased me this STINKIN’ ADORABLE BOOK LABELS.  Go get em’!



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9 responses to “for the love of literature.

  1. Kat

    Sign me up! My girls library could use some revamping!

  2. gina

    Sign me up too! 😉

  3. i want IN!!!!
    i’m OBSESSED with reading and wish for nothing more than to one day have a home with floor to ceiling bookshelves !!
    (which someone else will dust)

  4. I’m in! My son is obsessed with books already and I would love more to add to his little library!

  5. Oh lovely one, you know I’m in! I’ll do the same and post this on my blog, too! Good idea!

  6. emily e.

    Ooh…I am in! I can never find friends who want to do this, but I am going to try again!

  7. I have what the doctors call a little bit of a “book obsession” problem.

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  9. Hi! Do you think you could post or e-mail me the letter you used for your book exchange? I would like to start one! Thanks!!

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