Saddle up.

It came in the mail today!  WEEEEEEE!

Gets yours HERE.

Go forth and cook (and eat and devour and go back for seconds).

Photo 44



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8 responses to “Saddle up.

  1. gina

    I’m green…with jealousy. I’ll have to wait until Christmas….

  2. Janelle

    isn’t it awesome! I got mine in the mail yesterday too! (although its not really mine as it is a gift for someone… tear)

  3. did you see she was on the Bonnie Hunt show yesterday? I recorded it and plan to watch tonight. She is just awesome!

  4. emily e.

    Lucky, lucky, lucky!

  5. Mine too, but it was really banged up!! I was sad. Or maybe she threw it under some horses just for me, you know, so it’s really authentic. Or something.

    I’m writing Amazon!

  6. It’s on my Christmas List!

  7. noelle

    my book came in yesterday too! it was a nice surprise – i totally forgot when it was coming out! can’t wait to try out some of the recipes 🙂

  8. Elma

    I ordered it:)

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