secrets secrets.


Oh readers (sigh).

I don’t like secrets.  Not really, at least.

But I have some secrets and

all will be revealed on Tuesday.





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10 responses to “secrets secrets.

  1. Your Brother

    Pregnant. FIRST! WOOO HOOO!

  2. Kim

    Aw, come on! Why must you make us wait soooo long…. :o(

  3. Looking forward to your reaveal! Oh what could it be?

  4. dad

    You have gray hair??

  5. Leslie

    Oh My what could it be!!!

  6. Amber Brown

    Martha Stewart “discovered” you and she is flying you and the fam to NYC so you can show her how it’s done!!!!!! That has to be it!!

  7. Leslie

    OMGoodness when I click on here my computer freezes! YIKESSSS …. what is it…?????

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