the first of many.

I wanted to use my new cookbook so badly yesterday.  So, I made something with ingrediants I had on hand, which I knew would be to my husbands delight.

He loves his eggs over-easy.  I DO NOT.

So, I ate some peanuts and a cube of cheese and then made him “Egg In the Hole”, which is messy, ooey-gooey and delicious (to him).  Her recipe was simple and delightful (says Sean).  The one on the left turned out pristine and perfectly rounded.  Not so much the one on the right.  Live and learn.

I can’t wait to whip up my next creation!


**If you don’t like butter, bread, salt and eggs mixed, than this is not the dish for you.  Otherwise, bring on the coronary!!**

PS–do you have a cast iron skillet?  If not–get your hands on one.  It makes cooking more seasoned, in my opinion.  You can find them at most estate sales and some garage sales.  I got mine (9 inches) for 10 bucks and it has been the best 10 bucks I have ever spent.  I bake bread in it, for peets sake!



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14 responses to “the first of many.

  1. my dad used to make those for us but we called them “bulls-eyes” yummmmm……. and i agree with sean, i love eggs over easy! with a piece of buttered toast a little sprinkling of salt and pepper, you can’t go wrong. 🙂

  2. this is one of my daughter’s favorite things….we call it toad in the hole……..she had one this morning, in fact!!!


  3. over easy eggs + ketchup = hillbilly style

  4. Oh, my husband loves the cast iron skillet. In fact, he loves it so much that when he cooks in it, I am not allowed to clean it. Apparently, you aren’t supposed to wash a cast iron skillet with soap…who knew??? (Not me! I thought you had to was everything with soap!)

    And he loves egg in the hole – the first time he made it for me i thought he was crazy. it has grown on me!

  5. Totally unrelated to this post, but wasn’t sure how else to ask you… hubby has been messing around with wordpress for different things and thinks i should look into switching my blog from blogger to wordpress. since you are the only one i “know” who uses wordpress, i figured i’d ask…how easy is it to use and add pictures? i’m getting really frustrated with blogger and pictures, but not sure if switching is the answer…any insight you can offer would be much appreciated.

  6. That cookbook is going on my wish list for Christmas – I cannot wait!

  7. so the cookbook is on my wish list for christmas and I can’t wait to get it!
    DEFINTELY need a cast iron skillet and I’m not really a fan of runny, gooey eggs but Babe would love it I’m sure and I would be the toast of the neighborhood.
    Now I really MUST get it!

  8. Oh, if you have the cast iron skillet you need to try her Apple Cake in an Iron Skillet. Amazing!!

  9. I love cast iron, with a passion. Unfortunately just got a new glass top stove and you are not supposed to use cast iron on it (gets too hot or something.) Very bummed. I saved it all to use in the oven, but my plain old pans are just not the same on the stove top. So sad…

  10. I LOVE our cast iron skillet! My hubby makes the *best* cornbread and biscuits in ours. YUM! Reminds me of my Grandma’s cooking.

  11. This is my kids favorite favorite food. We call it a “toad in a hole”. I think that’s the Brit version for it, and that’s where I found the recipe. Yummmy!

  12. anna

    our dad used to make these EXACT breakfast item..he called them “shooters”…it is CRAZY how many people grew up having these for breakfast and all being called something different. My children LOVE them, but not the HUBBY!!!

  13. Cast iron is os awesome! Is it so much better for you! I also have some pans from Orgreenics and Mercola that are enamel or glass over cast iron. Oh and I Rachel Ray doublr burner griddle that is enamelware over cast iron. I want everyone to ahve one. i relly should become affiliated 😉

  14. Love these. We call them “Bulls Eyes” around here.

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