Dear 20 Months Kensington.

Dear Kensington,

We love you so much and want so much for you.  We want you to be happy.  We want you to be better than us.  We want you to learn earlier than us, that being authentic and real is important.

Mostly, we want you to love Jesus.  We want you to love Him with all your heart.  And we want you to take that love and share it with everyone around you.  Love people, give to people, be there for people.  Listen to people.  Care about their needs.  Let people who are different than you speak.  Do not look down on others, rather share Christ’s compassion and understanding, while sticking to what you believe, in your heart.

Degrees, trophies and medals mean little to us, in comparison to learning and giving the Lord’s unfailing love.  Everyone needs it.  Everyone deserves it.

Be great, Kensington.

Happy 20 months,

Mom and Dad





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10 responses to “Dear 20 Months Kensington.

  1. Cute, cute Kensington…..wonderful hopes and dreams for your little one. Mostly to love the Lord and the rest will follow, right?


  2. Julie

    Beautifully said! That is exactly what I hope for my kids too! Happy 20 months of mothering!!!

  3. Kat

    You’re a good mom…a really good mom.

  4. AmyLoo

    This time I am crying.

  5. Mary

    Happy 20 months, Miss K!!!!!
    You are a really good writer. 🙂 So well said!

  6. Do you hear that Miss K? You are supposed to love your Auntie Mary Ann even if she is a little wonky;)

  7. Shannon

    Loved your letter to your daughter. I have a 20 month old also! (she was born on the 26th) I feel the same way about our little one.

    I’ve been following your blog and really enjoy it. Thanks for all that you share. It’s very fun and encouraging!

  8. Your Brother

    Happy 20 month Miss K-

    I too want everything for you. I want you to be happy. I want you to be afforded everything that the world has to offer. And most importantly…..

    I want you to love the Dodgers and your Uncle.

    I look forward to taking you up the 5 freeway. To the moment you see Dodgers Stadium for the first time. I want you to run on the field and smell the grass. To look up and see where Vin Scully used to craft his art. And I cant wait to share a Dodger Dog and a sip of Uncles luke warm beer and laugh at how crazy your mom is.

    I love you Miss K.

  9. Hey wait a minute Uncle… she has to love her wonky Auntie Mary Ann more than the Dodgers. Geesh. And what’s with the lukewarm beer? Give that girl a white wine spritzer!

  10. Tracy

    Ok, just found your blog today and entered the Pw cookbook giveaway. Just thought I’d take a look at your old blog and see what you’re all about! This is the first post I read. Now I am crying! What a sweet letter to your daughter. My children are already 14 and 11, time flies by! I wish I had written letters like this to my children, how great it will be for your daughter to be able to read these when she is older and to see what a heart you have for Jesus! Now I will have to add one more blog to my list!

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