product reviews.

I have a few things that are rockin’ my  world right now.

I’m of the mindset that my house is my family’s kingdom. It’s my favorite place to be.  I’m a bit of a homebody, if you didn’t know that.  I love our home more than anywhere.

A home is a sanctuary. It’s a blessing to us and we should love it, repsect it, keep it clean and enjoy it daily.  I’m ALWAYS on the hunt for products that make my life as a mom easier, and taking care of my house more exciting and fun.

My top three right now are the following…..


Numero Uno:

Swiffer Sweep Vac.

I love this.  I really do.

We have a dog that sheds light, blonde hair and it accumulates hourly.  I need something quick that can pick up dog hair and dust, when I don’t have 30 minutes to mop (but when I do, I use BONA).  It “swiffers” and vacuums at the same time! Honestly, its great.



Mrs. Meyers “Iowa Pine” Cleaning Products

Just in time for the holidays, Mrs. Meyers comes out with a great new scent.  I love Mrs. Meyers products and frequently give them as gifts (as you can find them at TARGET and Cost Plus, for a very reasonable price).  Everytime I use them, I smile.  Great packaging, great scent.


Last, but not least:

The Farm Chicks in the Kitchen

My friend Mary got me this cookbook for my birthday.  I absolutely love it.  I’m sure it has something to do with the fact these two ladies LOVE a good flea market….a good dinner….and good friends.  The recipes are wonderful, the mini-craft projects are adorable and the blog is on my RSS feed FOR SURE.

So, there you go.

What product makes your life easier/more fun/exciting?



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5 responses to “product reviews.

  1. oh! I love my home more than anywhere else, too! A must have in my world: Method-brand almond cleaner for wood floors. BRILLIANT.

  2. I love my microfiber towels…we got the big pack at Costco. I use them with just water to clean my counters and stove top every day between “real” cleanings. They actually work better with water than any cleaner to remove stuck on stuff AND they are reusable so I’m not wasting paper towels. =)

  3. i love my swiffer, i just “found” it again yesterday and am obsessed with how easily it works. no stress on my part either!
    i need to look into the sweep vac though! and shanna and the microfiber towels!!!
    i’m SO on that!!!
    thanks for the ideas and inspirations as always!

  4. Amber

    Magic Clean Erasers!!! They rock my world!

  5. Kim

    Oh yes, Magic Erasers are AWESOME!!

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