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the first of many.

I wanted to use my new cookbook so badly yesterday.  So, I made something with ingrediants I had on hand, which I knew would be to my husbands delight.

He loves his eggs over-easy.  I DO NOT.

So, I ate some peanuts and a cube of cheese and then made him “Egg In the Hole”, which is messy, ooey-gooey and delicious (to him).  Her recipe was simple and delightful (says Sean).  The one on the left turned out pristine and perfectly rounded.  Not so much the one on the right.  Live and learn.

I can’t wait to whip up my next creation!


**If you don’t like butter, bread, salt and eggs mixed, than this is not the dish for you.  Otherwise, bring on the coronary!!**

PS–do you have a cast iron skillet?  If not–get your hands on one.  It makes cooking more seasoned, in my opinion.  You can find them at most estate sales and some garage sales.  I got mine (9 inches) for 10 bucks and it has been the best 10 bucks I have ever spent.  I bake bread in it, for peets sake!



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Saddle up.

It came in the mail today!  WEEEEEEE!

Gets yours HERE.

Go forth and cook (and eat and devour and go back for seconds).

Photo 44


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things, prayer and cake……and an idea.

First off.

My dad has surgery today at 1:45pm.  I would love prayers from you.  I know that he is nervous. I spoke with him last night and could tell.  I mean, WHO wouldn’t be?  I will keep you updated on what they find. (Is it weird they are cutting into him and taking things out to “figure out” what it is, or is that just me?)  I feel bad for him.  I’m sure he wouldn’t be keen on my “pity”, but it just stinks.  Having to go in for surgeries and not really know when the process will end.  I mean, I’m nervous and it isn’t my leg getting chopped into.

So, please pray for my dad.  And my mom as she waits.  Oh, heck.  Pray for Jonathan and I too.  Because holding it together when you are nervous and scared, is hard work.



I rearranged my cabinets yesterday, during Kensington’s nap.  I am major blessed to have lots of cabinets in our kitchen.  And nice ones to boot.  The previous owners had a cabinet maker in the family, so we got HOOKED up. I wanted to clean them, and make things more accessible.  I have been on the look out lately on ways I can make my house work most efficiently.  After all, I am working here now and I want it to be a well-oiled machine!  The more organized things are, the more efficient I can be at my job.

So, it went from this:


To this:


And from this:


To this:


This system works SO much better for me.  The cookbooks are at eye level and easy to grab.  And all of the spices, baking supplies are lower, so I don’t have to get a step stool each time I want to find the nutmeg.  It works SO MUCH BETTER.

I post this for two reasons.  1.) Re-think your cabinets.  I think that we sometimes get in a routine because the glasses have ALWAYS been in one cabinet and the bottles and paci’s have always been together in the, “3rd drawer down on the left hand side”.  Change it up!  It made more room and easier navigation.

2.) I need a cute/fun/easy way to distinguish the spices and oils from one another.  I dont want to have to play “WHERE’S WALDO” each time I bake.  Any ideas besides sticky circles on top?



My friend Noelle likes to cook and bake. Everything I have tried has been GOOD.  Her husband brought over a piece of cake and a note yesterday.  I wanted to eat the cake first and read the note later.  But. I did it in the right order.  Noelle said that the piece of cake was a THANK YOU in exchange for introducing her to the PIONEER WOMAN.  It was a coffee cake recipe from her site and she thought I should get a piece.  It was goooood.  

I’m telling you–I have tested about 20 of this woman’s recipes and they are ALL GOOD.  All of them.  


So…Go now and be transformed into the best cook on your block!   Thanks Noelle!  Dessert was fabulous!



Simple, healthy and fun meals are key.  I want to make original meals that are good for my family and don’t cost an arm and a leg.  One of my favorite meals lately (since it is BBQ season) are margarita pizza’s on the grill.  You can get pizza dough at TJ’s or Fresh and Easy.  I get it at F&E and it is $1.50.  It rolls out to be huge:


And I top it with pizza sauce ($1.29), mozzerella cheese ($1.99), tomatoes and basil from the garden. The beautiful thing is that you can get two pizzas out of the cheese and sauce from the store!


Healthy, cheap and easy!  Done and Done!

Share with me your favorite easy dish.  Please.



My darling, little rapscallion is 18 months old today.  Time is flying by. I am loving all of it.  She is a joy beyond words.  What a big personality in such a little body. I adore you, Miss K.




I have been thinking alot about prayer and how it works.  It heals, (even when things are “solved”) it helps and it brings people together and closer to one another and to the Lord.  Often, I feel that there is a personal benefit to praying for others because I am connected to them, feel closer to the Lord and I am obeying the Lord’s commandment to intercede for one another.

People need prayer.  

People are broken, hurting, angry, lost or going through difficult times in their lives.  It is inevitable and it WILL happen to each of us.  

God doesn’t promise perfection and roses on this earth.  But He DOES promise His love and mercies.  He is there and ready for us to come to Him.


 I thought that, once a week, I would have a post on prayer requests.  They can be as simple or in depth as you want.  I get that not everyone wants their picture next to a secret request, but it can be as simple as your name, blog and the name of a family member that is hurting or something you are dealing with. Or not even your name. It’s up to you.  I can make anything work.

Im sure this seems personal to some people and I suppose it is.  But I also know how HUGE it has been for my family to see the support I have received from you guys.  It has lifted my spirits and made me realize the POWER of prayer.

So, I want to return the favor.  (and… you know, obey the Bible)

Let’s pray for one another each day and I will highlight the requests on MONDAYS.  Email me, comment me, FaceBook me.  Just let me know how we, as a community, can pray for you. 

And let’s watch God work.


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monday light {kinda}

Before I begin:

My dad should be getting the results of his two biopsies back today or tomorrow.  He goes in tomorrow for an additional biopsy.  He begins the process of radiation today. Please pray for positive results and limited side effects of radiation.

Sean’s grandmother (who lives in Taiwan) is very ill.  Sean’s mom will be flying out this evening, on a red-eye, to be with the family.  Please pray for healing and safe travels for her.

Thank you so much for allowing me to share these things with you.  Things that are close to the heart. And I love that I know you are praying.  And please continue to send me your prayer requests and praises.  I love praying for you too.


1.) Domestic Doris was busy this weekend. Recipe folders are finished! Thanks for all the helpful programs, tips and ideas.  I found that what worked for me were 3-ringed binders and tabs (3 bucks at WalMart!).  As much as I think computer programs would be exciting and fun, I enjoy the idea of something tangible and transportable.  This is what I came up with.  2 folders.



You can do it too! Mine are very basic. Super easy. I held myself back from getting crazy.  All I did was take several recipes at once (this is pretty hodge-podge, but it works for me) and put them on a sheet of paper and photo copied them.  If they are on the front and back of a recipe card, I just copy that and put it on the back of the paper, so I have both sides:



Super simple.  Im hoping to get sheet protectors at some point, but those things are expensive!  Even at Wal-Mart!  Sheesh!

And wouldn’t you know that my favorite gal makes all of her recipes printable, so once it spits out of my printer, I can just hole punch it and add to my binder!  Viola!


I hope that by seeing how simple, basic and easy one of these can be made…that you will make one too!  I already feel like cooking and baking will be easier because my brain/recipes are all in one place! 

I like that some of you have posted on your blog re: your recipe systems–it really helped me with ideas.

*Domestic Doris pats herself on back*

2.) CTL reader and my fabulous friend, Stacy emailed me last week and asked if I would like an old piece of furniture she had.  Um….yes.  I rarely say no.  And so I was delighted when she brought this treasure to church this morning:



It has room for all my books!


The reason I post it (beside a public THANK YOU to Stacy for this free piece of WONDERFULNESS) is to ask your opinion.  I’m officially stumped.  Should I leave it as-is or re-paint it?  There is a part of me that wants to paint it a snazzy color, REALLY bad.  But there is also the vintage-loving side of me that appreciates its original color and purpose and I don’t want to mess with it.  What say you?

3.) Did I tell you that we are attending a family reunion in September?  This is the first that I have ever attended and Im pretty excited about it.  It is for Sean’s family and his cousin Heidi is organizing it (she should get a medal for how all her work).  3 days of fun and we are excited for sure.  I am particularly excited to miss my long lost , “soul sista”, Annike.  Somehow she is related to my husband (this is WHY you go to a reunion….to figure these things out) and we have been corresponding through email/blogs/postcards for quite awhile now.  I. CANT. WAIT. TO. MEET. HER! 

4.) Controlled chaos=our office/craft room.  There is so much going on in here, that I have decided to just go with that look and hope that it translates into a “happy clutter” type of look.  Like when you visited your grandmas house.  All the fond memories you had of small things in every corner. That is what Im going for.  No?  Ok.  Well, than it is just a mess.  But a re-organized mess, as I labeled and cleaned everything this weekend.  Yep.  This is CLEAN. And I truly know where everything is.  And no…I don’t throw away magazines or books.  They remain in my four walls forever.






I got this room on my brain because I began Christmas projects this weekend.  Do  any of you want to try and cram yourself and your crafts into my room with me and we can create together?  I promise I will make you some espresso and let you use some of my buttons and ribbon.

I just realized there is nothing “light” about this post.  Oh well.  

I’m just wordy today.


Happy Monday!


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cooking up a storm

First off….

Thank you so much for dropping by yesterday and sending Sean and I some love.  Really.  It was so nice and at the end of dinner, Sean said, “read me the comments off your blog!” (since he doesn’t have the luxury of checking the blog in between laundry cycles, as I do) and we had a fantastic time going through them.  It really meant alot to us. Thank you. Thank you.

It made me cry just reading them, because I am hormonal  my day.



I have been in the kitchen! Cleaning out the pantry has proven a challenge, but one that allows me to get creative and have some fun!  Thanks for all that have joined in!

*****SAVINGS ALERT!!  Strawberries (16 ounces) are just .77 cents right now******

Here are just a few pics of the participants pantries.  We have dozens of people participating (lots are camera shy), which means there will be money saved everywhere!!:







Elma: (and PS…I almost DIED when Elma sent me this. Look at her vintage PYREX!)



I have had a few people email and mention some of the foods they are trying to make from their pantry and most with great success, so keep up the good work, ladies!! Please send me any recipes you feel would be helpful and I will forward them like it’s HOT!!


While trying to clear out my pantry and make meals for the family, Mary and I decided to get together and do some bulk cooking.

What do you need?

Yummy ingredients……check:


Bare feet and baby on hip……double check:


Sassy apron (thanks JJ) that you can find HERE and own forever!:


Some disposable baking tins (I found 3 for a buck at the DOLLAR TREE):


And get to cookin!

We made two casseroles–and for those of you who aren’t big on casseroles….well…..no dice.  I love em’ and am convinced that they make a belly happy, so, sorry.  I DO think that you can make them healthy if you want to substitute ingredients, but like they say…moderation is key, so only have one slice (of ooey gooey goodness).  And seriously….WHO can turn away a slice of Burrito Casserole?  Even Mary’s husband (who is a chef) requests that one.  It’s too yummy.

Just don’t light things on fire like we did… (yep. thats the recipe we burned. oopsie) :


All in all, I went home with 6 meals to rotate and had a great time with a friend.  Try it!

If you want the recipe for Burrito Casserole, email me/comment and I will send it your way.  The other recipe we made was from our favorite Pioneer (and no, I don’t mean Martha.  She’s soooooo 2008).  

It’s YUMMO and worth trying.

Have a fantastic Tuesday and I will be back tomorrow with some bits and bobs.




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