i present…

Our garden gnome.  Seriously…..it’s so cute, I just can’t even stand it.

In all her glory! (most pictures were taken with my phone.  my apologies).




We spent an evening at BOO IN THE ZOO–a “merry, not scary” event at our local zoo.  And had a very fabulous time!



On the train with mommy and daddy:




Checking out the animals and pumpkins:



Gnomes on pandas:


It was great fun.



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20 responses to “i present…

  1. Janelle

    Best costume ever. I want to just squeeze her!

  2. did u make that!
    ohmygosh that is so cute! it probably is the best costume ever!
    and how did she know to do dance a little gnome jig??
    this needs to be framed ASAP.
    love it!

  3. Wow, how cute. Fantastic costume – why aren’t the parents dressed up too !

  4. OH MY! Can she BE any cuter!! LOVE the outfit 🙂

  5. gina

    Oh Rach…that is the best. I LOVE it!!!

  6. Julie

    Love, love, love it!!!!! Why can’t I think up such cute ideas for costumes???? Good job, mama!!!

  7. She is the CUTEST garden gnome EVER! Thanks for showing us, and what fun…the zoo!

  8. That is just the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! How adorable!

  9. I don’t think it get’s any cuter than that!

    I forgot to tell you the other day.. check out Heather Bailey’s book Seams to Me. If you sew, there are some awesome gift ideas in there! I am making a ball for my little nephew that is to die for cute.

  10. Not Heather Bailey, Anna Marie Horner..

  11. Amber Brown

    I showed my mom and sister these photos…we’ve all agreed that Miss K has the best costume ever!!!

  12. GNEVER before have I seen a cuter GNOME!!! :=)

    So adorable!

  13. jenn

    i have just cancelled my emergency hysterectomy ;).

  14. I’m not usually a fan of garden gnomes, but you’ve converted me 😉 This is that a supercute costume on a supercute girl.

  15. She is absolutely adorable!

  16. What a fun, creative idea for a costume. She could not be any cuter. 🙂

  17. Elma

    Oh my word!!!! Is that ever the cutest baby in the world!!!Picture # 2 should be in a contest!

  18. Um, where did you find this ridiculously cute costume??? I can barely stand it!!!

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