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Dear 20 Months Kensington.

Dear Kensington,

We love you so much and want so much for you.  We want you to be happy.  We want you to be better than us.  We want you to learn earlier than us, that being authentic and real is important.

Mostly, we want you to love Jesus.  We want you to love Him with all your heart.  And we want you to take that love and share it with everyone around you.  Love people, give to people, be there for people.  Listen to people.  Care about their needs.  Let people who are different than you speak.  Do not look down on others, rather share Christ’s compassion and understanding, while sticking to what you believe, in your heart.

Degrees, trophies and medals mean little to us, in comparison to learning and giving the Lord’s unfailing love.  Everyone needs it.  Everyone deserves it.

Be great, Kensington.

Happy 20 months,

Mom and Dad





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