Camera help, if you please.

Hey people.

I need your help.

I would *like* to get a new camera. My point and shoot (Canon Power Shoot SD750) has been used for about 3 years now and has been good to me. It’s small and convenient. It was pretty reasonably priced (about 120 bucks) and I use it ALL the time. I don’t have to truck around an enormous ol’ camera to the park or Pumpkin Patch. I like it.

And while I have zero aspirations of being the worlds next best photographer, I know that I can be taking better pictures than the following. This was taken with my current camera. No setting shifts. Just a plain old picture:


Some of you may think nothing is wrong with this picture. Neither do I. Really. It’s fine. But the fact is….I have played with my friends Canons and Nikons (the fancy, big ones) and I have seen the shots that they produce. They are much better than what mine can spit out. I even used to have a CANON REBEL and it took lovely pictures without me EVER learning about it. I eventually sold it for about 3/4 of what I bought it for, because I was tired of lugging it around.

However, THIS is a picture taken with the REBEL, when I was in NYC. Like the one above, it was taken quickly with no setting changes. Just a plain old picture:


(Rachel ordering hot chestnuts in Central Park)

There is a marked difference. I can see it and I know it is there. I would like to have that crisp, colorful change in my photos. Especially since I take alot of them and USE a great deal of them in crafts, blogging, photo albums, cards etc.

I am kinda annoyed with the fact that a normal “mom” camera now costs 500 bucks. But, oh well. I have fiddled with my camera settings and it’s not giving me what I want.

So….I ask you this.

What camera do you have that:

*takes great pics

*is relatively easy to learn about

*Is reasonably priced.

Like I said….I’m not looking to become Annie Leibovitz, but would like to take a small amount of time, learn a few things and take better pictures!



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17 responses to “Camera help, if you please.

  1. Waiting to hear your replies because I have the same question!

  2. Michelle Eastman

    Canon rebel EOS – digital

    bottom line – bigger IS better when it comes to cameras!

    but know you will need to invest in a second lens – the normal one does NOT get good close ups. I deal with it and edit because I am NOT going to change lenses a zillion times at the beach, park zoo etc. Plus – it costs another $200.

    It is an investment – just know that going in. I always think of going with a small, pocket camera but I cannot justify owning 2 when I have an excellent one now.

    Good luck!

    • Stacy

      We have the same one. We have the xti but the xsi is rated the highest, but if you want it for video then the t1i would be one to look at. We love our Cannon Rebel and have invested in a couple of lenses. They really do make a difference. Hope this help. If you would like to borrow ours to try out for a day, let me know.

      And it is a GREAT investment!

  3. Are you following me? My sister in law is having the SAME problem, and we were just discussing camera options on the phone yesterday! I hope you get lots of advice, because I am sending her your way. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I use a Nikon D60 and love it. It *is* big and I do want more lenses, so that is a con. However, I once had an expensive point and shoot that was fabulous for the two weeks I had it (Mikey accidentally threw it away–he was 2 at the time.) It was a Canon Power Shot, but one of the more expensive ones.

  4. I inherited my honey’s Nikon D40 – I have to confess I use it as a point and shoot and haven’t bothered to learn about all the wonderful things it can do because well – it’s a big heavy awesome expensive point and shoot… soooo NOT helpful huh??

  5. emily e.

    After much begging, we bought a used Nikon D50 (SLR) on craigslist. It wasn’t the cheapest purchase ever, but Adam and I both talk often about how great of a purchase it was. With Gianna being 2, it was becoming impossible to get a picture of her smiling…but now, with the fast little snapping of pictures, it’s a reality again! Also, the quality is way better, even on the “auto” setting. I totally recommend it, even if you don’t want to become a professional or anything :o)

  6. I have a pentax k100D.. I would love to have a canon or a nikon, but the problem is, my camera has taken so much abuse from me, that I didn’t want a 1000$ camera to get destroyed. I love it. It takes great shots, is easy to use. The only thing is, it is a little heavy, but most of them are.

  7. Glad you’re asking cause we’re in the market, too. I DO like to use all the manual settings but this past weekend I really noticed my Canon Powershot A600 was declining in quality. Maybe cause I never use a case and bang it up it has too much dust in it or something.

    Two friends visited us and both had small slim Canon Powershot SD ___ Digital Elph Camera. They were different megapixels both both took great no fancy settings pics. And they’re sleek enough to fit in your pocket. So if you’re willing to drop a bit more for quality but don’t want the bulkiness of a Rebel or another SLR, I’d recommend that.

  8. gina

    Buy your Rebel back…. ๐Ÿ˜‰ or just buy another one. I have a backpack that I need to resurrect from the bottom of my closet, now that the kids don’t need a million things when we leave the house. It is a camera case on the bottom and backpack on the top. Seriously brilliant.

  9. Yeah, I’m having this same problem too. Mine right now is a Nikon 3400 (?) that I bought about 5 years ago, so I’m impressed with how well it’s worn over the years. It has a few settings, but basically point-n-shoot. It’s also only 4 megapixels, so I’m looking for something with more megapixels that also has a video camera with sound. (This is a really long rambling comment, and I just wanted to say that Nikon is a good brand! Sorry!)

  10. Your Brother

    Just name the model. I will buy it for you for christmas.


  11. For entry-level DSLR pict-chas, I’m a huge fan of the Canon EOS Rebel xti. I’ve taken scads and scads of pictures with that baby:

    It’s like my third child, seriously.

  12. I have a Nikon Coolpix Point and Shoot which I love, but we also have a Nikon D100 (the big kind). I know nothing about the D100, except that it takes awesome pictures, but it’s too heavy to carry around all the time.

    I agree with Michelle from above – bigger is better when it comes to a really good camera, but they aren’t cheap. Besides the camera body and one lens, you do need to invest in another lens and an add on flash. It’s definitely and investment and worth the money if you are really going to learn to use it and use it the way it’s supposed to be used.

    Good luck finding one~

  13. Well, first of all, I know what you want, but it’s not really fair to compare those two photos. The first is indoors, probably with a flash. The second is outdoors, no flash, on a lovely cloudy day, which is automatically going to give you better colors no matter what camera you have. That being said…I still think you’d really like my im person recommendation – a super zoom point and shoot. I’ll do some tooling around online and send you recs. Bonus: the superzooms still do video too, where most DSLRs do not, except the Nikon D90 which will run you about $800.

    If you do decide to go the DSLR route: a) get a Nikon, so Melissa & I can help, and you can borrow our lenses and such, and b) consider buying a used body from a camera store (not a person), like or Calumet.

  14. missshortskirt

    If time isn’t of the essence, I’d check out any tech stores that are going under. Our Circuit City closed when they went bankrupt: I got a Sony DSLR for 200 flat.

  15. I agree with Patty that if you do wanna go the SLR route to go with Nikon. And it’s not just because Patty, Melissa B, and I all shoot Nikon…although that could certainly come in handy as well. I shoot Nikon because of the lenses and the color quality. Basically, you would have to spend a lot more money for Canon lenses that compare to bottom line Nikon lenses. Plus, Nikon DSLRs allow you use ANY Nikon lenses, no matter how old. My amazing macro lens is ancient but its quality is unmatched and the fact that I got it for a mere $60 is insane!

    Entry level DSLRs like a Nikon D40 ($500), up to the D90 ($800-$1000) are fantastic because they do allow you to shoot in AUTO if you want to. Even though I shoot manually most of the time, there are times it’s nice to have the AUTO option for snapshots here and there. The Canon Rebels are also considered entry level DSLRs and pretty much do the same thing, but usually don’t come with lenses that are nearly as good as the Nikon kit lenses.

    I sent you the link to Ken Rockwell’s site on Facebook. I highly recommend reading the page I sent because it will help you decide what’s best for what YOU want out of your camera.

    Oh, and also, I don’t think there is any difference in the overall quality of the two pictures you posted. I’ve seen a ton of people take not so great pictures with great cameras. I’ve also seen some truly amazing pictures from a point & shoot. Sometimes it’s just about the user. That being said, I’ve seen some great pictures from you so I’m sure you’d be great with just about anything.

  16. Terri

    If you don’t want a SLR again…I’d go for the the Canon G10 or G11. It’s a higher end point and shoot, but it gives you all of the shooting modes (shutter priority, aperature priority, manual…).
    The G10 has 15 megapixels, but the newer G11 (with 10 mp) shoots better in lower light. Both are much smaller than a SLR, larger than most small point and shoots, but will fit in a purse.
    Also in the Best Buy add, there is a new CAnon PowerShot S90 IS that says it has an exra brithe f/2.0 aperagure lens that lets you take pictures in low light. (but I haven’t done any research on this one).

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