I find that I want to post about certain websites/artists/blogs ALL THE TIME and share them with you.  Instead of doing that, I have created a widget on the right hand side of the blog>>>>>>>>>>>

that will share sites I think you will love and that I currently have a crush on.

If YOU have a blog/web crush, DO SHARE!  I love new sites.

Enjoy your evening–we are having breakfast burritos.  Why not?



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2 responses to “housekeeping

  1. Stacy

    Hi Rach- The other day you made mention of a blog and I checked it out and loved it. It was the Pioneer Woman and I loved how she takes pictures of each step of her cooking process. And her receipes look fun and easy. Thanks for sharing because I may just try and cook/bake now.

  2. thanks for featuring my site! love it!!! what a great idea to have a little feature section. 🙂

    enjoy your day Rachel.

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