growth spurt

Hello readers,

Ok….so I have had quite a few emails and several phone calls inquiring (due to the ambiguous nature of yesterdays post) if we are moving out of state.

 No.  We aren’t. 

And if we were, I possibly would have put up a cute photo of a quaint house or Miss K holding a suitcase or something fabulous.  

Don’t worry.  (but i like it when you do….)


Now…on to todays post.

You know (for you parents out there) when you kid goes through a growth spurt?  Everything is uncomfortable for a time and then a few days/weeks later, you realize you have a totally different looking child?  I was thinking about that last night.  I feel like, lately, everything is a learning lesson for me.  Nothing can just be easy.  Everything lately has had this solid, purposeful impact.  Im sure that sounds weird, but Im talking about simple things too.  Small encounters with people at the grocery store, commercials, books Im reading and simple conversations.  

I realized, Im going through a growth spurt.  Im learning so much right now.  About who I am, who I want to be and who I have become so far.  Learning what I am and what I want to weed out.

It’s good, just semi-uncomfortable, really.  Like Im inbetween sizes or something. Happy in my own skin, but knowing that I am shaping who I am to become and refining myself from the inside out.  Day by day.  Lesson by lesson.


I found myself watching a repeat of the  2009 ESPY awards, last night.  Inspiration came from this man, Don Meyer.  This video is worth watching in it’s entirety. The simplicity of his message can become cliche, as I have heard so many people make some of the same statements he makes.  I hear lots of mantras, sayings, quotes and advice from people.  I am quickly learning there is a huge gap between SAYING and DOING.  I want to do.

This man is truly LIVING his life. 




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6 responses to “growth spurt

  1. Are you in your 30’s? Late 20’s? Early 40’s? All of my friends, me included, are going through this same thing. Maybe it’s something in the air, but I’m totally with you. No more talking. More doing! Life is too short.

  2. Kat

    I loved the phrase “And he never got cheated” What an attitude to have!

  3. Your Brother

    First off… MAD props on watching ESPN. I love the guy giving credit to UCLA’s John Wooden 🙂

    Secondly… I love growth spurts. I love growing learning and experiencing new things in life and Im glad that you do too.

  4. Michelle

    Bat Signal!

    E-mail me – I am on D’s computer so I do not have your new address … want to give you an update.


  5. arrgggh get out of my head!!! seriously was just talking to my dad about growth and how far we’ve come. Lately I’ve been even more mindful of what I do and how I do it as it seems to be having a more profound effect on my overall well being.
    I’ve found that as I hit certain stages(and ages) new things are constantly being revealed to me that I didnt/couldnt see before.
    enjoy your growth!

  6. gina

    It seems that having children has thrust me into the trenches and I have had to draw near to the Lord as never before. I thought going through my parents divorce and earning a Master’s degree were the hardest things ever…HA!
    I am soo thankful for my children though (especially since there was a period of time when I thought we weren’t going to be able to have any) and know that the Lord has given them to me (and Andrew) to build me, sharpen me, humble me, and draw me closer to Him. They are making me a better person and I am soo grateful…as hard as it is.
    My current growth spurt entails discipline. Being master over my body and not allowing my body to master me…spiritually, mentally, and physically. I can literally feel the Holy Spirit whispering to me throughout my day, guiding me and nudging me. It is what I have asked for and it has been soooo difficult….especially with a particularly ornery 3 year old. My old self is soo difficult to reign in….but it’s happening slowly…slowly…slowly…..and for that I rejoice.

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