Christmas on the brain.


This picture has nothing to do with the following post….I just like vintage advertisements, don’t you?


I have the Christmas bug.  Don’t get all frantic, you Thanksgiving-lovers.  I don’t shift all my focus completely…but I do allow for some festive planning and that includes homemade Christmas gifts.  I’m hoping to make almost all of my Christmas gifts this year, or at least assemble them and make them unique and one of a kind!  I love the idea of handmade gifts and some of my favorite gifts of all time are those that someone especially made for me.  Aren’t those the best?

This morning at our MOMS group, we made magnet boards and bottle-cap magnets.  I chose to make a specifically Christmas-themed board and magnets.  And surprise, surprise….they are vintage images.  Cute, huh?:



What I want to know is this….

Are you crafting any gifts this holiday season and if so…what?

Do you have a favorite craft you make each year or a link you can share so we can all see?

I would love to know your crafting secrets!!!



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17 responses to “Christmas on the brain.

  1. Kat

    So I totally want to make more of those bottle caps, what about you? Any why does yours look a thousand times nicer than mine? Oh yeah, Because you’re awesome. ;o)

  2. amber v

    Miss Rachel! How did you make that??? I am running crafts at our mom’s group and that is too adorable for words!

  3. I’m hoping to make quiet books for my neices (babies). Clothespin dolls for my 4 yr old and I’m turning the kids artwork into gifts for their grandparents.

  4. That is a cute board. Yup.. all the girls get handmade gifts this year. Whether it be canned foods or jewelry, belts, etc.. it’s all handmade. Check this link out. I made one for my sister..

  5. almost everyone with a neck, ears or wrists gets jewelry from me!!

  6. I plan to make pajamas for the kids for Christmas. I would also love to make a couple of totes for gifts as well. I was inspired from Inchmark Journal
    I already have the patterns for both as well as the fabric. Yikes! I better start sewing!

  7. Yes, please share how you made those! So cute!

  8. Mary from Michigan

    What is the cute, dotted magnetic board made of and where did you get the adorable retro images that fit so well on the bottlecaps? I’ve been making a different version of a memo board with half painted with chaulkboard paint and half fitted with pressed tin scraps leftover from my backsplashes as the magnetic part. Christmas gifts… I’ve been using paper ephemeria to trim paper journals for my college and highschool age neices. I also make jacket covers for journals with red felted wool and various size aqua felted wool circles. Love your ideas.

  9. Listen, you: None of this until after Halloween! (I realize fighting the wait-til-after-Thanksgiving-war is fruitless.) What’s up with you trying to rush through your favorite season, anyway? Huh? HUH?

    HeeHee. Loves.

  10. But I’m all for more ‘how-tos’ on your blog. You know, in a couple weeks. Not that I am crafty enough to do anything of the sort. But hey, a girl can dream.

  11. Mary L

    I love how it came out!! So fun. I love hearing everyone’s craft ideas!

  12. Elma

    Oh I love it:) I want one!! Are they hard to make????

  13. Yes, I have the Christmas bug, too. I’ve been making my homemade list and surprisingly marking some of those items off. I even caught myself listening to Third Day’s Christmas album the other day. Christmas music makes me happy, we should all play it more often, I say.

  14. I usually try to make the majority of my Christmas gifts. After several years of doing this though I am having trouble coming up with good ideas this year. I definitely should have started before now!

  15. Mrs. Erica

    Oh please, tell me how you made those adorable magnets with those images :)!

  16. Galya

    I usually bake…We always have a tight budget for the holidays, and my husband’s family is huge. So fudge truffles of varying sorts, with peppermint schnapps or Bailey’s, has been a huge hit. This year I’m doing sinfully delish cinnamon rolls, with a maple frosting. Mmmm. Crafts are really fun, and I really enjoy them, but they get to be too pricy for our budget, and let’s see, how do I put this…some family members wouldn’t appreciate crafts anyway. Can’t go wrong with homemade baked goods!

  17. Um, so cute!!!
    What is that background? Is the magnet behind it or is that magnetic itself?

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