who would you be…?

You know when you get asked questions like,

“if you could be someone else for a day……?”

“if you could only read one book forever…..?”

“if you won the lottery, what would you do with the money….?”

and of course, guilt sets in and you feel compelled to give answers like, “I would be the President of the United States so I could cure world hunger and stop genocides and halt all wars.  And I would only read the Bible (because that is the only book I read anyways) and I don’t even like other books.  And if I won 10 million, of course I would give to charity first and that would be most of the money and then I would give all the rest to my family and friends and probably only have enough left for a sweater for myself.  But, that’s ok, because I’m a giver.”

Good.  We got all those -guilt driven answers out of the way.


Set aside your grand plans of changing the world and saving the whales.

If you could be anyone for a day (for fun)…..who would it be?

I have a couple ideas of who I would want to be….

(and yeah….i know it’s a guy, but I would be the girl version):


Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.  He snaps photos of beautiful fashion all day.  I don’t wield a camera, but if I did, that would be what I snapped shots of.

In the afternoon, I wish to be Martha.  If for nothing else than to host her show for an hour, use her craft room and make dinner with her huge kitchen:


Early evening, I wish to be any cast member of MAD MEN.  I want to wear the clothes, and “live” in that era for just a day (minus all the drama):


In the evening, I wish to be Hannity.  So I can talk politics before dinner.



And, of course I want to save the world.



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8 responses to “who would you be…?

  1. Jill

    I have a secret confession…my husband and I watch Mad Men, and I’ve been growing my hair to try to have hair like Betty Draper. I’ve never necessarily had a celebrity whose style I wanted to mimick, but I do love hers!

  2. It just goes to show what a sweetie you are that even your ‘guilty’ answers are still better than most! 🙂

  3. Oh good. I’m glad you were multiple people, so can be too.

    I wish to be the girl version of House: judgmental, genius, and hilarious. All the things I *think* I am in my own head.

    In the afternoon: Stacy London: judgemental, hilarious, a little kinder, and with awesome shoes.

    In the evening: Kristen Chenoweth, as she performs on Broadway and tapes an episode of Glee in the same night.

    At night – and into the next morning, really, I’d like to be anybody with a baby that sleeps until 8am.

  4. I was going to say Martha as well – cooking, crafting, traveling all with a limitless budget! Fabulous! And minus the prison time 🙂

  5. Your Brother

    Vin Scullys microphone.

  6. Good question…

    I have no idea – how’s that for imagination? Maybe I need to think on it a bit more and come back later!

    Hope you are having a fabulous Wednesday!

  7. I would be Kara Thrace on Battlestar Galactica. minus the cursing and her dying and stuff.

    Can we be fake people or do we have to be real ones?

    In that case I would be just be me i think. but doubled: one to do all the housework and errands, the other one to write and play with my kids.

    cute, rachel. =)

  8. i’m with patti -i’d have to be mulitple people too.
    in the morning….i’d like to be kelly ripa – perky, fun and personable,great shoes and the ability to talk about grown up things for an hour then off to play with my family.
    by mid-afternoon i’d like to be Oprah – i mean good hair, tons of cash, FAB shoes and people cry when they touch you! who doesn’t want their own talk show!!!
    I DO!!
    in the car i’d like to be alicia keys or christina aguilera while singing along to the radio – basically so I won’t scare anyone off with my own melodic voice =)
    in the evening i will be Gina Neely (of Down Home with the Neely’s) so my dinner’s will always be super yummy and filling.
    mid -evening: Niki Giovanni, so I can finally focus on writing my book
    late night- bill maher, the funny, irrereverant, say whatever you want kind of attitude with an understanding of politics and what goes on in the world.

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