so wrong, it’s right.

My cousin Janelle and I instituted “Family Fudge Day” yesterday.  Inspired by the fact that my late Grandma loved to make fudge.  We were sent, by my aunt and father, tons of old recipes she had, for various types of fudge.

We set out to make two recipes.  Our plan was thwarted when the following happened.


It all starts out simple.  Two cute girls baking in the kitchen.


Mixing ingredients. Easy.


Warming them up.  Smelling the fragrance of chocolate.  Oh yea.


And then.


Two girls (one of whom is getting married) start discussing wedding dresses and menu’s and honeymoon locations.

And oops.  Things go array, very fast.


Yea.  That is milk and sugar.  Which as all of you know, hardens into a candy-like substance VERY quickly.

Like, this:



And then, you have one very handsome husband who comes to the rescue (having to use napkins, because there were no towels, sponges and all the dishtowels were in the washing machine), while the two girls begin a new batch.  Carefully.


Oops, again.

But hey…..I got spend time with one of my very favorite people.




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8 responses to “so wrong, it’s right.

  1. Kat

    Sean’s face is priceless! And what’s a girls cooking day without a fun “oops” story to go with it?

  2. AmyLoo

    Ha ha! Cute story! We’ll have to make fudge one day- it is one of my very favorite sweet treats to make!

  3. bhahahaha! sean’s face is priceless!
    love it!
    aww fudge sweet fudge….mmmm
    that’s one of my very favorite things!

  4. Your new banner is fabulous AND funny. Hope the end result was worth the effort (and ticked husband.) 🙂

  5. andrea

    Oh you two are so funny!!!

  6. Aunt Carol

    That is a great fudge story!! Lol and I remember Mom’s fudge over flowing at least once!! Priceless!!

  7. So I am totally expecting some fudge to show up at my house. yes huh.

  8. It’s not fun unless there’s a big mess in the kitchen, right? Hope your second batch of fudge was successful…

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