Monday Prayer Requests

*Hi everyone.  I am so happy to be continuing the Monday Prayer Requests.  I started with a “clean” slate this week and so these are all “new”.  Some people had not removed theirs for over a month or so and I was unable to get a hold of them, so if you don’t see yours, it was removed just to keep the requests as current as possible.  Please email me if you would like it to be re-posted and I will throw it up immediately.  I need to find the best way to keep the requests updated!  As always, email me with ANY request and it will be put up–we want to pray for one another!*

Anonymous: I noticed a lump in my left breast about 2 weeks ago, and today I had my doctor check it out.  He believes it is nothing serious but he still wants me to have diagnostic testing done asap to determine what the lump might be.  I go in on Thursday morning – pray that the doctors/technicians have wisdom about what they see, and that hopefully it is nothing.  If it is something I pray for wisdom on how to proceed in further diagnosing what the lump might be.

Anonymous: 1. My husbands brother, who is a drug addict has just been arrested and will probably being going to jail for a few felonies. Please pray for his soul to hear the calling of teh Spirit and to keep him safe in prison.

2. My marriage, that God would keep my motto (that I applied to my situation/ reworded from the book of Daniel)  “God can fix my marriage, but even if He doesn’t, I will stay faithful to My God.” For the Holy Spirit to change my husband into the man God made Him to be; but not my will, His be done.

3. A car would be great, but one does not come, that I can learn to live without it.

Holly: God provided a $1500 anonymous gift from our church.  And my Chris took over the bills (he is so much more detail oriented for numbers than I am!).  We are now on Microsoft Money with a budget and God provided MARGIN!  Praise Him!  Praise Him!

Mandy: I was put on limited bed rest at the end of september for some issues with my pregnancy. It was really a blessing in disguise, because I needed the rest and needed the time with my kids. Anyways- because of the issues, we were due to induce at 38 weeks. which would have been Oct 7th. the first weekend of October I got sick with the H1N1 flu and am now hospitalized. so I was sick and in the hospital for my first induction date. then, they let me go home and we rescheduled- but two days after being home, I got pneumonia and ended up back in the hospital. So I was in the hospital at 39 weeks too and my dr didn’t want to induce because my body just wasn’t ready to handle labor. Sooo.. I finally got to come home last weekend and i’m doing sooo much better. going on day 4 feeling human again! But now, here I am, 40 weeks, entirely too uncomfortable, emotionally a wreck and waiting for baby. we were going to induce today, but my dr called friday night and said she just didn’t feel right about it. my other prego issues seemed to have fallen to the wayside because according to monitors, the baby seems to be doing fine. My doctor said that it just wasn’t very safe to make me go through labor when my lungs weren’t ready. She is a very conservative doctor, and even though i feel better, she still won’t do it. I really am okay with that- but i’m just so worn out. I wake up a little bit more ‘down in the dumps’ each morning when i realize that my contractions stopped during the night. I’m starting to take my frustration out on my kids and husband. I repent, apologize and then do it again. I don’t know what my problem is! I know that God has perfect timing, and I know this won’t last forever… my head KNOWS all these things- but my heart is having a hard time believing. so anyways, I would appreciate your prayer that the baby would come soon and that there would be no complications and that he would be healthy and that I would continue to be believing God for His perfect will and yielding to HIM in all that do. I would also appreciate prayer for my wacked up emotions- so that I can continue to be the mom  and wife that God wants me to be during this time.

Stacy: Please pray for Danny’s dad who found out he has a “bad kidney”.  During a regular CT of his chest a mass was found on his kidney.  He has undergone several CT’s and he has an MRI today.  The doctors are almost 100% positive that it is malignant.  Please pray for my husband and all his siblings for comfort during this tough time.  Most of all, please pray for his dad, who is going through such a scary time right now.  Please pray for wisdom for his doctors that they perform the right procedures and make the correct diagnosis.  If it is cancer, please pray that that’s the only spot and that it hasn’t metastasized.  Thank you.



  • had a second interview last week and it felt like it went well. not sure what God has in store but am open and excited about the possiblitlities and want to give thanks for the opportunity!!!
  • I have mended some relationships that needed it and am working on others that are in need of repair
  • my girlfriends hubby just graduated from the sheriff’s academy!! whoo hoo!!!


  • my girlfriend is still struggling with her decision to leave her husband. she has so many people telling her to stay but she is really afraid for her life and I hope that you all will lift her up in prayer.  her faith has been shaken. please pray for strength and courage as well as the ability to see God’s love for her and that He wraps His arms around her in love.
  • both of our grandmothers are going through chemotherapy. mine has just completed her treatment and the results look good but it has slowed her down a great deal and due to her age she has experienced certain complications. please pray for strenght, patience and courage for her. His grandmother is still undergoing both chemo and radiation and is in MAJOR denial about her situation. please pray for peace and clarity for her as well.
  • please lift up our entire family as several members are out of work or are on the verge of losing their jobs. please pray that they are able to find replacement work or that God will provide a way when they need it the most

Amy: Asking for prayer for the delivery of my second baby girl. Feeling a bit anxious about it because the doctor is wanting me to induce due to some symptoms I’ve been experiencing however my desire is to wait until my little one shows signs of being more ready to arrive despite my due date. Also, hoping the symptoms I’ve been experiencing don’t get worse, if they do get worse it could lead to an emergency induction which I don’t want. And lastly praying that I’ll feel more at peace about what the transition will be like for my 2 year old daughter and the adjustments of having a new baby/sibling.


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