Saturday Scores

I rarely get excited about home furnishings that are full price and not found at an estate sale.

But today, I made an exception.  I got RAZZLE DAZZLE excited.  Like, “jazz hands” excited.

Exhibit A:

When I saw this pillow, I about fell over, I loved it so much.  I don’t know if it is the bright colors or the retro print that grabbed me, but it didn’t let go.  I love it.



Exhibit B:

Reproduction Bertoia Chairs.

And what’s better? They are Miss Kensington’s size.  I almost fell over!



They go PERFECT with her table and chairs (you know…the ones I found sitting out on the street waiting for trash pick up)!  Now, I just need to power-sand them down and re-paint.  Hmmm….what color?  I kinda like the idea of turquoise….




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7 responses to “Saturday Scores

  1. Mary

    Ooohh.. Mary Ann is a girl after my own heart. Of course, you know I love those colors!! LOVE the chairs!

  2. elma

    Love the chairs!! Do they have a store online that sells those little chairs?? I love the color Turquoise:)

  3. Ooh, I’m GREEN with envy over that pillow!!

  4. love the idea of the turquoise. are u going to keep the table yellow? cuz that’d be a super cute color combo!
    that pillow oozes color and breathes life into that chair!

  5. I want to get hudson those chairs so bad!!!! Did you get them at room service? (that’s where I was looking at them)

  6. I love, love, love your roadside find! I had that same table and chairs when I was little. They’d be adorable turquoise, or red!
    Thanks for stopping by the other day and leaving a comment, I love meeting new bloggers.

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