why is no-one talking about this?




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12 responses to “why is no-one talking about this?

  1. So the governor listens to Twitter more than he listens to actual phone calls from voters. What a screwed up system.

  2. Very disappointed. 😦 The will of the voters doesn’t seem to mean much in California anymore.

  3. I’m sure I’ll piss a lot of people off by saying that this made me really happy. Openmindedness… has California heard about that yet??!! I am NOT a huge Governator fan at the moment, but this one was a good move in my opinion.

    I read a study yesterday on the skewd-ness of the demographic that uses Twitter – young, liberal, quite affluent. Way to selectively listen to only sectors of your public, Arnold.

    I don’t know, though, that I view this as an utter catastrophe. Perhaps I can use May 22 now as a day to explain to my kid to explain our family’s views, and why we are different, and why government is NOT always right.

  5. Kat

    The part of this article that bothered me is that the governor of California, in the midst of a budget crisis that cutting funding left and right to schools and health care has the time to mess around on Twitter. Really? Reason #434 why I DIDN’T vote for him!!!

  6. Luann

    wow. did not know about this. ugh.

  7. erika

    What a let down. Better start saving for private school now….cause my children will not be marching in a gay pride parade….(i wont let them judge others)…but they will NOT be marching or celebrating a poor excuse for a holiday such as this. What about honoring the family the way God intended day? Huh? May 23rd sounds good.

  8. Michelle Eastman

    People do not talk about it because their personal convictions are only heard as “I hate these people” ~ the convictions are lost in the emotional heat.

    It is not the people.

    It is the sin.

    As we all have. As we all do.

  9. number17cherrytreelane

    Submitted on behalf of my dad:

    “Things…..whatever they may be…..transpire these days for many
    reasons…..pick your topic…..several reasons come to mind: 1) no moral
    absolutes any longer in our society….if you disagree with me on this
    topic then we can pick a myriad of other ones….people can’t keep running
    from the fact that there are moral absolutes….you might say they aren’t,
    you may “chose” to live in your own world of no absolutes….but it doesn’t
    take away from the fact that they still exist. I know the response from
    some….who are you and our your perspective or your religion correct in
    saying that something is an absolute? Good question….my response….all
    you have to do is to look at societies that are strictly run by autocrates
    or oppressive regimes where absolutes are no longer part of culture and or
    training…..many things may “go on as normal” or bad things may not happen
    amongst the masses….maybe they are only carried out by the man in charge
    or his thugs….you better not say that….!! But once the autocratic
    leader is gone, all hades breaks lose as everyone starts grabbing for a
    piece of the pie or everyone has no ethical perspective…..my friend went
    to Russia and saw first hand the absolute chaos when the iron fist went
    away…..everyone and everything went crazy….drugs, violence, alcoholism,
    murder etc. Things we all would agree cross the line of what is ethically
    and morally absolutes. 2) It is no longer politically correct to say
    anything that even borders on an absolute!! My response to that….it may
    not be PC, but if you feel strongly enough, you have the obligation at
    least to yourself to raise your hand and ask questions, have reasonable
    debate etc. You owe it to yourself and you owe it to the good of society if
    not to a higher power or whatever you may believe in….(wasn’t that a PC
    line?? HAHA). If great men and women did not stand up and speak forth in
    generations before us, what would the intrinsically fallen nature of
    mankind, taken us too(I know another non-PC thing to say)?? Folks that hold
    absolutes and desire and they have the responsibility to raise their
    families accordingly should be just as free to articulate their reasoned
    perspectives as those that have no absolutes. Why is OK to say that murder
    is OK and then tell someone who disagrees that they should shut up?? Yes we
    need to be respectful of the person, be reasonable, clearly articulate
    opinions, even resort to civil disobedience if you feel that strong, but
    you owe it to society, to your family, to your conscience and to
    generations to come to SPEAK UP!! Thanks fore allowing me the opportunity
    of articulating my opinion and I willingly will embrace and discuss
    alternative positions on any “absolute”. If this is not the forum, feel
    free to contact the keeper of this blog and she can put us together:):)”

  10. Well Rach, this is where the liberal disciple needs to speak out.
    Why do we as Christians get so bent out of shape about this sort of stuff?
    Why don’t we get indignant that every fifteen seconds a child dies because of diarrhea caused by lack of toilets and clean water? Why don’t we get indignant that every day 5,000 children die of preventable illness? Malaria, tuberculosis, AIDS, starvation, to name a few.
    Christ said to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, heal the sick. This is not negotiable. Christ will not let us off the hook. This is the heart of the message– compassion. Christ touched the untouchables, the marginalized, and he hung out with the “bad people”. Prostitutes even!! There are stronger values to his message than simply family values.
    I cannot believe homosexuals simply choose their lifestyle. How hard would it be to live in their place? Homosexuality is displayed in nature as well. Who am I to question the way God made someone?
    I’ve never been a fan of the homosexuals who want to push their lifestyle on me, because I would not push my lifestyle on them.
    But I believe it is important to be compassionate. Live and let live is my motto now.
    In my liberal United Church of Christ congregation there were several committed gay couples. Stronger in their faith than me at the time. They loved their Lord so much. And they were wonderful examples as Sunday school teachers to my son, Corbyn. It was a remarkable lesson for me in tolerance. They were welcomed and accepted, and I have to believe that’s the way Jesus would want it.

  11. I’ve long debated adding anything to this “conversation.” But, I feel compelled to say I wholeheartedly agree with giving Harvey Milk recognition for his efforts. He fought to give people rights, to ensure they could live their lives without persecution, to share freedom. This fight is no different than the one Martin Luther King, Jr stood for in the 50’s and 60’s — providing people with rights they are entitled to as citizens of the United States … as human beings.

    This day of recognition isn’t a state holiday, kids won’t be forced to participate in pro-gay marches, and gays won’t be out in force to try and “trick” others into “turning gay.” In fact, I bet most people won’t even notice May 22 is different than any other day … except for the people who it matters to the most.

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