Monday Prayer Requests

Anonymous: Our oldest daughter needs loads of prayer so start living the way the Lord wills and I need help with losing weight.

Luann: my husband has work for this week. if things go well then he could be hired on long term!!!   (i’m still unemployed…)

Anonymous: Please pray for my husband and I.  I don’t think we’ll be married much longer, and I’m having a hard time distinguishing what is the Lord’s answer to my prayers and what is coming from my heart – do I stay because we have a real future or because I’m scared to leave?  My heart is breaking.

Anonymous: I need prayer that I will get on my knees in prayer, raise my hands in praise and fall on my face in humility, as the Holy Spirit is pressing on me that these next few months will be a trying time for my family.  In the past I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit of changes to come and have not fully taken them to the Lord.  I know it seems strange that I am not sure of exactly what is coming but I trust in God that He is telling me to prepare appropriately.

Rachel R: Update: My dad’s radiation is over!  Praise the Lord!  Two of his three tests came back “clear”!!!

Anonymous: I have a prayer request for something that’s been weighing really heavy on my heart.  My husband is a non-believer.  He’s a Catholic who hasn’t been saved.  I struggle daily with figuring out how to submit to him, and honor and respect him, when the decisions he makes frequently are not godly.  Money is a very big issue in our marriage, which I know is a common complaint.  I feel that God’s desire for me is to be at home, with our kids.  I homeschool them, because I feel that is the only place they are going to be fed and taught and trained in the ways of the Lord, and the public school system is proving over and over again that they are failing our children.  My husband has a love and obsession for money that frightens me at times, and his comments that I will need to go find a job in the next year or two are increasing.  I want to respect his wishes, but feel that I need to follow God’s desire for my life first.  I’m praying and biding my time, but my request would be that God would guide me as this situation is causing more and more tension in our home…UPDATE: When we married, we became a blended family.  I was naive enough to think that my husband would take my daughter and treat her as if she were his own.  This has not happened, and the past four years have been full of heartache and conflict because of it.  As he says, she’s not his daughter.  The boys are treated one way, and she’s treated another.  She sees this, and it creates a boiling pot of rebellion and anger.  Please pray that God will get hold of this young man’s heart.  She absolutely adores him, and wants nothing more than to be treated like her brothers are treated.

Amber:  PRAISE:my blogging friend Jenn got the results back from her biopsy and it was benign!!

thanks to all for all the prayers and thoughts throughout the week!
I had an impromptu interview last week someplace I would have never dreamed of! Excited by the possiblity and the opportunity!
Request: one of my dear dear friends is going through a trying time with her husband. He has crossed the line into verbal and physical abuse and she is honestly afraid for her life. she’s scared and unsure of how to proceed. please pray that God works on her heart and his. Please pray for peace of mind and comfort in knowing she is making the right decision whatever she decides to do and knows that she has family and friends who love and care for her.
for the family: some family members are really struggling. facing a growing mountain of bills and little to no income to resolve them. please pray for peace for them. for the ability to see the forest through the trees and know that God is there to support them.

Anonymous: Please pray for my husband.  We are dealing with a health issue we cannot fix or do much to control, and it is testing his faith.  He is starting to turn away from God, and it is breaking my heart.  Please pray that the Spirit of God will work on him so he will have a desire to find the answers to his questions, and come back to the truth.

Anonymous: I need prayer that I will get on my knees in prayer, raise my hands in praise and fall on my face in humility, as the Holy Spirit is pressing on me that these next few months will be a trying time for my family.  In the past I have been prompted by the Holy Spirit of changes to come and have not fully taken them to the Lord.  I know it seems strange that I am not sure of exactly what is coming but I trust in God that He is telling me to prepare appropriately.

Anonymous: Our oldest daughter needs loads of prayer so start living the way the Lord wills and I need help with losing weight.

Roxanne: My mom has an appointment with a specialist on Monday because they have found something strange on a lung x-ray.  Please pray it turns out to be nothing.  Also, please pray for strength, courage and peace for her.  She struggles a lot with anxiety and obviously this doesn’t help.   Thank you! UPDATE: My mom’s tests last week found nothing.  We are all very thankful.  Thanks for your prayers!

Noticed your prayer request on facebook and would like to add one please. My husband is looking for a better paying job so we can either a) afford to put the twins in childcare/ get a nanny b) allow me to stay at home the first couple of years with the twins.

Anonymous: That God would take my son’s father off his throne and squash his pride so that his Dad could have a chance to see God. That God would soften his heart and deminish some of his hatred. That the goggles would be removed and that he would be able to see the evil of his ways and the darkness around him and that he would hopefully surrender to Christ.

Jennifer: Greg and I (and of course our kids) are in the process of signing on with a mission organization for one year. World Venture has a position that we are interested in. Praise: We passed the psych evals. (guess we are not TOO crazy). Prayer on Wed Sept. 9 we have an in person interview and it will be the final round of the application. After that we will find out if we are a go for Africa or not. Pray that God will just put a peace in our hearts and that we are at ease and able to be our selves, not what we think they want.

Update Praise from Holly: I started on this email asking for prayers for my boyfriend because he lost his job with a major oil company on Tuesday. A few seconds before I hit send, he called to let me know that he was offered a job with a raise.

Holly: Please add our family for prayer–that God will guide us financially in the days and months ahead.  After filing for bankruptcy last March, we are recovering and making it, but it seems that we cannot save at all.  And we need to!  We just need wisdom and God’s continual guidance.  BTW, I don’t know if you saw the post, but we think as Christians that when our three years are up, we need to repay what we owe to our creditors–if it takes years, we want to be faithful that way.

Anonymous: Please pray for my friend J.  Her husband has turned his back on God, and on the promises he made to keep God in their marriage and home.  She is having a difficult time, and struggling to know God’s will for her.

Lizette: I’m a 26 yr old preschool teacher who has always felt as if i was born to raise a family. last year i was diagnosed with cervical cancer and had a radical hysterectomy last month. All hopes of me having my own children were crushed. Two weeks after the surgery, my fiance ended our engagement. Just this morning I found out I have stage 3 lung cancer and i’m considered untreatable. I’ll be learning my prognosis within the next few days. I’m not really sure what my prayer request is at this point. I’m having a very hard time seeing what God’s plan is through all this. I guess i’m asking for peace and not to lose faith through this as this all unfolds. I thought I always knew what my purpose was and now i’m just not sure. Please keep my request anonymous if at all possible, i would appreciate it very much.

Anonymous: I just found out my uncle has been cheating on my aunt which blew us all away. They’ve been married 20 years and so this year has pretty much been the pits. If you could add my aunt and cousins to your prayer list I would appreciate it.  Just for them to never lose faith and to know he’ll be there for them no matter how bad things get…. Thanks Rachel!

Whitney: I always feel like there are bigger needs in this world than mine. But right now in my life, I make this one exception. On Tuesday, my husband goes in for an important medication induction. How it goes will depend on a lot in our lives. Pray for him to be comfortable and that all will go smoothly.

Carrie: Please pray for me as last week I got the most massive headache and it sent me to the ER.  After 2 shots of pain killers (no help), a spinal tap (to rule out a brain infection) and a CAT Scan (I have a brain in there) they couldn’t find anything wrong.  Well apparently, they said it could be due to my spinal that I had 3 months ago when I had a C-section with Sam and I could get these headaches for up to a year after.  Seriously, please pray because this was the worse pain I have ever felt and I do not want to go through it again.  AND if I do have it again, please pray for the strength to overcome.

Noelle: 1. My brother, Scott, has cancer for the 2nd time.  He is 41 years old and has (3) kids.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, strength / healing for Scott as well as peace of mind for his family.

2.  Our family – we have a daughter entering 6th grade and a son entering 4th grade.  Please pray for my husband andI – for wisdom and the patience necessary when raising kids  ; for the protection of our kids – both spiritually and physically.

Anonymous: I struggle with loneliness.  I would like to make more friends or just people that understand where I am in life and don’t always judge me and try to “fix” me.

Rachael: Mom of two toddlers, working from home full-time, 25 weeks pregnant is feeling overwhelmed, has a “summer cold” and a bad sciatic nerve. Needs prayer: Looking to find ways to rest and balance, perspective, and an answer as to how she is going to “do it all” when baby #3 comes into the world.

Melissa: For myself, my biggest request is continued healing for my back, especially with school starting next week.  It’s the first time I’ll be stepping back into the real world in quite some time so I’m hoping it all goes well.

Also, I’m searching for understanding as to why my favorite cousin, who I’m really close to, would even consider going to Hawaii instead of attending my wedding next year…let alone making the actual plans to do just that.  I’m devastated.  I’m not that close to much of my family, but I am close to her and I just can’t believe she won’t be there.  It’s just not ok.  She goes to Maui every year…sometimes twice!  I’m only getting married once.  Not cool.  So I’m hoping it will all work out somehow and she can come after all.

Jenn: Please continue to pray for Thomas and his mom Lisa this week. She starts her bone marrow donation on Monday and Thomas will begin to get her cells on Tuesday, this continues through the week. Pray that Thomas’s body will accept the cells and that there will be no infection!! Also, please keep praying for Thomas’s dad Ron and his brothers Michael and Andrew — they have a long road ahead. Thank you!  UPDATE: Thomas is doing well! They are waiting on Thomas to start making new blood.  This should take about 12 to 15 days.  Once that happens it will be just a matter of managing his new cells and for his new immune sysytem to develop. It is his brothers 10th birthday this week. Please continue to pray for his body as he regenerates his immune system and for his family and doctors. I will continue to pray for all of you…THANK YOU!

Anonymous: Please add my aunt to the prayer list. She’s been having mental issues for the last few years.  The doctors keep giving different diagnosis, and prescribing more drugs.  She finally had an MRI and found that her brain is shrinking.  She’s 53 years old and has the brain of an 80 year old.  She can’t remember things that happened yesterday.  Anyway, she’s gone through substantial neurological testing since then trying to figure out what excactly is going on. It just breaks breaks my heart. So if you would please pray for wisdom for the doctors, strength for my aunt and uncle, and healing – I would greatly appreciate it. UPDATE: I can tell you that I saw her this weekend; she and my uncle were visiting.  Yes, she forgot things that happened the day before, but she looked really good – and she seemed more like her old self.  It gave me hope.

Amber V: I need prayers in the following areas… Boundaries (saying “no” is hard for me, but if I value my family and current friendships I need to become good friends with that word) and discipline ( I am starting a new diet/ way of life and I am so scared of failure. I have a pattern of giving up on myself and I want it to end.)

Anonymous: It’s time once and for all for me to get this weight off!  ( I’ve been praying about it myself that the Lord takes my mind off of it and just lets the pound release themselves. LOL But really, though I think my brain is hindering the weightloss because I focus/dwell so much on it.  ( I just joined 24 hour and have been doing good so far! And my eating has been better too.  ) But pray that I’m not tempted by food too. Thanks so much!  UPDATE:  I’m down 7 pounds in the past two weeks!!  I’d still like continued pray to lose MORE!

Anonymous: I read your post about prayer and I am asking you to pray for me. I’m battle depression and anxiety and I am going through a real dark time right now and need prayer. Thanks Rachel.

Cheri: Please pray for Michael’s pain.  It is so real and old.  Pray for a wise doctor and for the pain to lessen. Pray for the Lord’s wisdom.

Kait: If you could shoot up a prayer for my best friend (since we were 6) and her husband. They dated for 6 years, were crazy in love and now, not even 10 mo. into their marriage, she’s wanting an anullment. Both are believers but something is majorly blinding her right now. She’s “over it,” which just isn’t how marriage works. Its breaking my heart and in a week I’m flying down to be with her and my parents are flying in from Oklahoma to counsel them. I think the only thing that can save her is carpet-sucking prayer.   UPDATE: thanks for posting the request about my friend again last week–I actually flew down to OC to meet with them and my parents came out from Oklahoma too. There’s still love, but both have major personal issues they need to work through individually before they work as a couple. Basically they just need showers of prayer that God would transform their lives and give them the ability to rebuild their marriage from the ashes.

Anonymous: I have a really bad relationship with my parents and struggle with communicating with them.  They are angry and frustrated people.  I don’t know how to tackle the issue of communicating with them and it makes so many things difficult. UPDATE: Lines of communication are being opened and conversation is starting to get a bit easier.

Kat: wisdom in handling my time and responsibilities.

Anonymous: I am struggling with insecurity and jealousy.  Please pray I have contentment.

Anonymous: Please pray for our city officials as they decide how to handle the budget.

Erin: My hubby is back at med school now, commuting an hour each way every day (not a lot for most, but here in NE, that’s a long way!). Please pray for his safety as he drives each day and for a great second year of school!

Rosa: I do have a prayer request and it’s not for me, but someone I know. I play in a flute ensemble here in Texas and the lady who leads it needs to be lifted up in prayer. Her daughter, Becky (who is old enough to be my mom), was diagnosed with uterine cancer recently. Yesterday Becky talked with her doctor and found out that her cancer is a Stage III-C, which means that this is a very strong cancer that has spread. Her uterus has been removed, but the cancer has already spread to other areas in her body. She will be undergoing aggressive chemo and radiation to try and rid her body of the cancer. The doctor’s told her there is a 50% chance she’ll live for at least 5 more years. Becky is an amazing women. She is not scared to die, but is sad about how hard this is on her family (husband, children, siblings, parents, etc.). Even as she faces this uncertain time, she continues to find ways to praise God and I love that! So, when you think of Becky please lift her up as well as her family. Update: I talked with Becky’s mom at church this morning. Becky is in week two of chemo. She’s been dealing with some horrendous leg pain. Last weekend her husband took her to the ER and it took the staff 6 hours to get her pain under control. Currently the pain in her legs is better. Becky’s mom also said that later this week Becky and her husband will be flying here to Texas. Becky’s mom is worried about her traveling especially with Becky’s immune system being lower. So pray for safe travels, that Becky doesn’t catch anything as they travel, and that the pain in Becky’s legs continues to get better.


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