a vapor.

At my grandma’s funeral, some letters were read.  Letters that her children and grandchildren wrote.  In my brother’s letter, he included a scripture in which the term vapor was used to describe the brevity of life.

Each day I realize the truth of that statement.

Life is a vapor.

It is over in a flash.

And I see it the most when I look at my precious daughter.


Time has already cheated me.  It has already won.  And it will continue to be the victor.

I can’t beat it.  I can’t hold it.  I can’t stop it.

I can only enjoy it.  Release myself and ride the wave of time.

Hold my daughter.  Love my “people”.  Spread the good Word.

Use my time wisely.

Before it is a gone.

Like a vapor.



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3 responses to “a vapor.

  1. Kat

    Seriously you need to do the study on Esther, cause you seem to always be in sync with what we are learning.

  2. “I can only enjoy it.”
    So simple, yet so profound. Thank you for sharing this…it is a lesson I am trying to learn.

  3. Amanda Green (vintage ruby)

    that picture is so sweet. i think miss k should consider being madeline for halloween because she would make perfect madeline, all she needs is the hat!

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