We love Harvest time, around these parts.

The crisp air.  The wind.  The smell in the air.

And the pumpkin patch.  Ohhhhh, the pumpkin patch.

We’ve already been twice.  And can’t wait go more.  Miss K loves to just run and play.

(and excuse the cell phone pics)




Oh….and the Paul Bunyan attire is compliments of auntie MaryAnn….in reference to THIS post.  Thank you for not including the axe, MAA.



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6 responses to “festive

  1. dad

    best time of year!! Hey Jonathan…..BOOOOOOOO!!

  2. I love this time of the year! She looks cute in her little outfit!!

  3. Adorable outfit! Can’t wait to get ourselves to the patch!

  4. Kat

    Though I love me some fall, I am a sucker for Christmas trees. I smell every tree I walk by at a lot when we shop for them. In high school I would walk the long way home in December JUST to pass more christmas tree lots. I love the pumpkin patches, but look forward all year to the smell of Christmas trees.

  5. No axes until she’s in the double digits, pinky swear.

  6. These pictures make me want to load my kids up and head to a pumpkin patch today…unfortunately for both them and me, after being gone for a week, we have lots of cleaning to do…maybe next weekend. Although, just the look of Miss K in her outfit gets me in a fall state of mind and after a week spent in 95+ degree weather, I need that fall state of mind….

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