Tricky, indeed.

Hi all!

We are coming up on Halloween and it’s inevitable that each year I will receive some emails/smirks/smart remarks/comments/general fury from people who are surprised/disapointed/frustrated that our family “celebrates” Halloween. Considering that it is “evil” and “horrible”.  And we are Christians afterall…so how dare we partake in this pagan holiday by dressing up Kensington and Molly?!!!!!

Let’s do this once and for all.  Let’s get this out of the way.  Here we go.

This is the deal. We are Christians.  We do dress our kid up. We make pumpkin cookies and listen to Monster Mash.

We have thought long and hard about it and why we (as a Christian family) will allow the celebration in our house and I was happy to find THIS great article that outlines and answers some of the questions we have been asked.

So, there you go!

Let’s all be friends! and hopefully I will only get a few disappointed emails in my INBOX….in comparison to the 25 last year…



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22 responses to “Tricky, indeed.

  1. Great article Rachel! I have to agree, Halloween is totally harmless. Growing up, it was a time of love and tradition in my household and it was a great way to make memories as a family. We didn’t worship Satan or anything unholy, quite the opposite in fact. We’d often go to a church function! I celebrated it as a child and when I have kids of my own, I refuse to deny them that fun little celebration.

    In my art history education thus far, I have found that so many traditions within Christianity actually began as pagan traditions. They did evolve over time and were given new meaning. A lot of the time the church chose to keep some of the traditions people were used to so as not to scare them off from the new religion, but instead to incorporate what they were already familiar with. You would be surprised how much religion plays a part in art history, but I absolutely love that part!

  2. Kat

    I fought with myself back and forth on this issue when Serena was a baby, but came to the decision that I was okay with Halloween within certain perametors.
    Such as, no evil or scary costumes, kids love to dress up and it doesn’t have to be scary to be fun. We go trick or treating, and some church parties, but as my kids grow I will make sure to watch what kind of secular events they go to.

    I don’t want my kids being the weird kids who don’t celebrate Halloween. I don’t want my kids to view thier faith as taking away thier fun. Halloween can fun without being satanic.

    So if you get 100’s of angry emails, send some my way, cause I am right there with you =o)

  3. We celebrate it, too! What an awesome opportunity to bless others. What an awesome opening of doors to lives that we can touch. We believe that it is a good thing!

  4. Thanks for the article… I will as always be dressing my kids up (they’ll be Batgirl & Supergirl this year… and I of course will be WonderWoman!)

  5. We are Christians as well, and Mormon ones at that. And the scarier and creepier Halloween can be, the better. It’s about the memories made, not about worrying whether my kids will learn spells and be haunted by Satan.

  6. amber v

    You go girl! I am am right there with you 🙂
    Ps, I am even having a Halloween open hose that evening that you are welcome to come too 😉

  7. I just thought of something I heard once.

    The presence of Halloween doesn’t have to mean the absence of Christ and the Holy Ghost in your lives.

  8. Vicki

    We used Halloween as a time of pretending. Our kids dressed up in costumes (nothing evil) and went trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and then we ended up at Grandma’s house for homemade donuts and cider. My baby is 30 and she still has fond memories of the homemade donuts and the costumes that I made.

  9. Your Brother

    I love you and you know where I stand.

    There are 2 extremes. One that I have taken in the past, and another to say its all completely harmless. As with many things that Christians are deciding on nowadays, it seems to be a personal call. For everyone who says its harmless and a family tradition- that is their stance and I wouldnt say I disagree with making it something fun for children or yourselves. But I will advise that many things are happening on that night that are all too often ignored that strengthen evil and satanism. Read the police blotters and the hundreds of satanic congregational plans for that night if you disagree. Its much easier to take something of the world, put our spin on it and make it our own (I do this all the time with other sinful things, I am not judging)

    Obviously, I come from NO high moral ground as I would probably be sitting at home with whiskey and watching sports. The obvious hypocrite. Some people just take things more serious than others and that goes to all kinds of fields and topics.

    But whenever I think on all of the bad things I do… as well as the celebrations of that night… I cant shake the thought spoken so much to us as Christians… to be set apart. To not open up question. And Halloween just seems to be one of those ones that I take personally.

    And however harmful or wherever you stand on the topic, its a night that I think those who are Christians, should take a moment to pray for the spiritual warfare that is at a height whether we see it or not in our own personal celebrations.

    Now, Im gonna go watch a rated R movie. 😉

    • number17cherrytreelane

      you know why I respect your opinions? because you state them without a condemning tone. Most people that share an opposing viewpoint on this (and many other grey areas) feel the need to be extremely legalistic. This has never and will never, allow people to see the validity of their viewpoints.
      Thanks for sharing bro. Perhaps K can always have a “uncle/neice” night on Halloween each year with Uncle Jonathan, rather than go trick or treating? I would totally be cool with that!

    • Mandy Christiansen

      Wow Jonathon, well written and spoken. I agree with you 100%. You make very valid points and didn’t offend. Love that you and your sister can see different views and respect eachother.

      Rach no judgements! You make the best decisions for you and your family. I respect that.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets a ton of emails asking if/why we celebrate this time of year. Great article 🙂

    I will say that growing up my parents never let us wear anything graphic (bloody monster masks, etc) or allow us to really focus on certain aspects of this holiday.

    It seems like you and I agree on a lot of the same things…:)

  11. p.s. Here! Here! to Whitney’s comment (aka Rookie Cookie)…love that lady!

  12. pps Here’s a better link that best describes (almost to a T) how my family celebrates/celebrated Halloween.

  13. Thanks for the link – very interesting read!

  14. I’ll be a viking this year. Pagan and Norse. AWE. SOME.

  15. We’ve done it all. “Fall Festival” at church, ignoring it completely and dressing up for trick or treat.

    Honestly? My kids were neither better or worse for any of the options.

    But then again, we do the Santa thing too so maybe I’m not the best reference point. ;-p

  16. Yay! I love Halloween! Not the yucky stuff, just the dressing up and decorating. Why not reclaim it and make it something safe and fun. We can honor God by doing the same things differently, rather than just not doing the same things at all.

  17. We do Halloween here too, just try to keep it clean and not too scary. Honestly I don’t know any of our neighbors very well and this is an easy excuse to go knock on their doors and say hi. So I consider trick or treating more of a neighborhood meet and greet. And with winter just around the corner up here, we probably won’t see them again until March!

  18. Mary from Michigan

    I was going to go into detail about my opinion. I’m a Christian, too and have been judged by people who are extreme on this issue. But, Vicki, Kat, Erica and Roxanne summed up what I was going to say. It can be evil and scary if you let it, doesn’t need to be if you don’t. If you have children, God entrusted them to YOU, so on most issues, YOU need to make the decisions about their upbringing. The fact that you give thought to the other points of view shows you’re thinking about the best way to rear them. Good job.

  19. Thanks for the link Rachel!

  20. Amen sister. We feel the exact same way…so have fun!!

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