spoken like a true fan.

It’s a little known fact that you must clean out the heaters at our house before turning them on for the first time. I asked Sean to do this yesterday, but we got busy and I woke up this morning chilly.

This was our email exchange.


Subject: we might

From: justaspoonful@gmail.com

Date: October 6, 2009 7:20:34 AM PDT

To: sean@iflybusinessclass.com

be dead when you get home.

because the house burnt down.

because you didn’t vacuum the heater like i asked.


From: sean@iflybusinessclass.com

Subject: Re: we might

Date: October 6, 2009 7:31:24 AM PDT

To: justaspoonful@gmail.com

I don’t think it is that hard bee.  It will not be my fault.  Just move my
jerseys outside, please.



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10 responses to “spoken like a true fan.

  1. heidistitches

    Well, at least Sean has his priorities in order!! Love it! Remember, you said it yourself, you guys got busy and it didn’t get done – just bundle up and cuddle!

  2. bahahaha!
    nice to see he has his priorities in order!
    stay warm!

  3. Mary

    haha Clearly, that is what is most important to our men! 🙂 I am wearing boots today. Hooray!!

  4. Jen McConnell

    Oh those silly husbands! Gotta love them!

  5. Oh, I forgot about my jackets, flag, and pint glass. The TV can go, Jacob has everything we need now.

  6. i love a husband who’s JUST as clever as his wife!!

  7. I love that we have been using the heater for over a week without vacuuming it. For the record, we are not dead and no one’s jerseys have been damaged.

  8. Hah, sounds like a conversation Trevor and I would have.

  9. sounds like something my hubby would say – but his would be more like – “just get the TV outside” since all his UGA stuff is at his office, I don’t have to worry about that….

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