Saturday Scores.

I found some treasures this morning, with my side-kick, Kensington.

*One of my favorite finds of all time, is this 1939, unabridged, Websters Dictionary.  In very good condition, with maps, lists of the worlds highest peaks, waterfalls, populations, sites and more. When I spotted it, I ran over and tried not to act too excited.  It’s beautiful. And very large. Honestly, I’m 100% sure they had no idea how valuable this piece is.  I almost felt bad.  But, it passed.





*Retro office furniture is a small obsession of mine.  I don’t know why and I’m not going to try and figure it out…I just love it.  Finding this made my morning.  It was sitting all alone, waiting for me to snatch it.  



*And a small, but cool THERMOS.  Stout and meant to carry soup.  Love it.




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6 responses to “Saturday Scores.

  1. you just can’t help yourself can you honey!! 😉

    • number17cherrytreelane

      Nope–I awake on Saturdays and know that $5.00 will get me SO many treats!!
      It’s all for the taking at THE ATTIC!

  2. Amanda Green (vintage ruby)

    love your dictionary…i have an affinity for old books, they just give a home instant character i think. my collection has been growing quite a bit, maybe someday i’ll actually have time to read them all!

  3. Are you filling up all that new space? I just got rid of a similar chair because it was too tippy. It was just “old” when I got it. I bought that same thermos new for my husbands lunch box over 30 years ago. I’m sure it’s still here. Funny about the perspective of age.

  4. PLEASE tell us the price you paid vs. actual value on that dictionary. It’ll be like Antique Roadshow!

  5. Kat

    I LOVE the dictionary, can I just come over and flip through it???

    BTW I missed seeing your smiling face this morning!

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