good idea, Mary.

As you know, we moved our dining room table out of the house, when we did some renovations (it made the living room area look super crammed).  We are planning on getting a set of patio furniture, because we are outside an awful lot while eating. We were pretty ok with doing away with a traditional dining room table in our smaller dining room.

Our friends Mary and Jason came over the other night and Mary had a stroke of genius.  I’m actually kinda mad I didn’t come up with this.  She thought to bring my old craft table in the kitchen, to use as a dining table and move the butcher block into the living room and use it as decor.  Brilliance!


And so…..we had a celebratory dinner.  Of breakfast!  


**And yeah….that is the best “French Toast Bake” you will EVER have.  If you want the recipe–let me know!**



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8 responses to “good idea, Mary.

  1. what a fabulous idea and cozy little breakfast nook!!
    way to go Mary!
    oh and i want the recipe please!

  2. Mary

    I want the recipe, too! You are always cooking up something superbly delicious. 🙂

  3. Your little breakfast for dinner setup is too cute :)… plates, mugs, and all.
    Oh, and I looove your floors!

  4. Kat

    How aobut instead of the the recipe, you make it for me? tee hee! Looking forward to the attic soon =o)

  5. recipe….please!!! that looks scrumptious!

  6. Yum…Recipe please! That looks delicious!

  7. Jan Muse

    Ditto on recipe request! (Or perhaps you deliver?)

  8. I love the new kitchen arrangement. Reminds me of our old house — we had a similar set up. The floors look incredible, too!

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