Wednesday’s List.

So many things, so little time to blog it out.

*I have been cooking and baking alot, lately.  I find that my desire to be in the kitchen increases 10 fold, when the weather is cooler.  It just seems “right”.  Tonight I made my own version of Shepherds pie.  Instead of mashed potatoes, I used onions, chopped potatoes and halved carrots and put them in a satay pan with butter, fresh oregano and some other seasonings and combined it with seasoned beef.  It was delicious.  I baked some Molasses cookies this week that made me drool.  Horrendously fattening, but worth every calorie.  Thanks Rachel, for the recipe! (PS–I needed a new pie dish and this was a cute one, at TARGET.  Only 8 bucks and a fun, red color!


*We are enjoying the cooler weather and the season changing.  Candles lit, candy out and festive treats headed to the mailbox!  Don’t you love getting mail?  It’s one of my favorite things and I have several faithful friends that send postcards, handwritten thank-you notes and packages.  It just makes me smile.  What’s better than a handwritten salutation?


*Excuse the cell phone pic, but I can’t help but share….my daughter stacks ANYTHING and everything.  It’s really quite endearing.


*It is “Save The Pink Bathrooms” week over at one of my favorite sites, Save The Pink Bathrooms and their sister-site RETRO RENOVATION.

I already took the “pledge” to not get rid of my authentic 1960’s bathroom.  While it isn’t the “Mamie Pink” they are most often referring to, it is burgandy, grey and light blue….a combination commonly ripped out of homes today, for lack of inspiration and ideas on how to make it relevant.  Take a hop,skip,jump over to their sites.  Adore.

*Thanks for the great response on the RUCHE giveaway.  You can enter anytime through Monday, October 5th!  Isn’t it a fun scarf?  And a addicting fun store?

*My latest acquisition that is changing our life.  If you are like me, your husband wears dress slacks, collared shirt and tie to work each day (he really does look quite spiffy).  That means some serious dry cleaning, laundering and sweating!  Since I am not willing to pay for dry cleaning, we wash and launder each of Seans shirts and then iron them.  For years.  With an ironing board and spray starch.  UNTIL.  We got a fabric steamer.  Life=changed. 


*Currently reading (and highly recommend): “The Life You’ve Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People”.  It’s amazing.  Really.  I am tearing through it.

*Lots of you have written and asked for specific items that will be sold at “The Attic” sale in October.  You want to know how much things will be and how much of certain things are available so you can save your duckets.  I so appreciate your enthusiasm.  I do feel that giving a specific list of each thing on sale takes a bit of the mystery away from that night, but I am going to do a general list (think a PENNYSAVER ad) later this week that gives you a broad idea of what will be there. All I can say is you don’t want to miss out. I began the large process of organizing and pricing last night and several times I picked something up and said, “That is adorable!  I want that!  Oh wait….it’s mine….”  So seriously….be there.  It’s going to be swell!

And after speaking to Chef April….well, even if you don’t dig vintage….come for the sugar and sparkle.


Have a fantastic Wednesday!



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14 responses to “Wednesday’s List.

  1. sounds like a fabulous event! wish I could be there!


    ps. your food is making me hungareeeeeee……..

  2. two peas in a pod I tell ya…..
    i have been feeling the same way. I love to bake. love it even more so when “the weather outside is frightful” cuz it makes my house feel all warm and cozy.
    can’t wait for the attic sale!

  3. Not even mentioned in your post but… Rachel, I still want your rug. Seriously, tell me where you got it! I need a rug for my kitchen, and a new one for my entry, and I can’t seem to find anything this cute! And speaking of cute, how cute is your mini-organizer. So nice to have a child like that… I have one– not bad out of four, I guess 😉
    Take care!

  4. I NEED a fabric steamer! I do the same with P’s shirts, and I feel all wifey and domestic, but oh, it’s DULL! I’m on the hunt now, thanks for the tip! 🙂

    Can we please have the molasses cookies recipe? Pretty pretty please? And I love your shepherd’s pie version; I’m going to try it myself!

    SO wish I could be there for your sale!! 😦

  5. Kat

    I have yet to bust out the pie baking, but I did make soup yesterday, th stove was on ALL DAY and I wasn’t dripping in sweat..pure joy…pure joy. And then I took the girls to the park at about 4, it was COLD we wore JACKETS and it even RAINED on us!!!!!! It was a perfect day. I am thinking of renting The great pumpkin tomorrow and watching it with the kids.

  6. ME TOO! As soon as fall hits I am off baking! Today, we’re going to make a pear crisp, using the pears from my mom’s tree. Yesterday, we made chocolate chip cookie dough, and we just keep them in the fridge, so anytime I need a yummy smell, I just pop some in the oven. I LOVE fall!

    Your daughter is so cute! I love it! Looks like a fun shopping trip to Target! I love that store! One of my favorite places to wander…

    Your house looks perfect and cozy ready for fall. That package looks so cute! What is in it?

  7. Mary

    Let me know if that steamer is maybe a little bit better than our bogus version from the fair!! I lost mine. Where on earth do you lose a steamer at???

  8. Nicole

    Yeah for fall. Tortilla Soup cooking, bread about to be baking, and yes my oven has also been in full swing. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this time of year!!!!!!

  9. Michelle Eastman

    Welcome, back!

    Send me the shepherd’s pie recipe … as best you can – I will never do it with “a little of this and a little of that” because cooking is not my gift. But following instructions IS! ;o)

    Glad you are enjoying fall … it seems like it is actually going to get here soon!

    We have our accountability group that night – of your Attic sale – so I cannot go. Will there be an “after Attic sale” for those near and dear to you?

    Love ya, M

  10. Rachel K.

    Oh the save the pink bathrooms has a special meaning in my family… My grandmother who passed over 20 years ago had the best pink bathroom and it has always been a secret dream of mine to have a pink bathroom in my house. Not only because it is kind of cool but reminds me of how creative she was… don’t think a thing in her house hadn’t been touched by her creativity… oh how I longed to sew white lace on pink towels and hang them in my own pink bathroom!! Thanks for the link… made my day!!
    Oh, and glad you liked the cookies!!

  11. Goodness, that pie looks yummy. I agree, the cooler weather makes me want to get myself in the kitchen, too. This morning I made apple cinnamon oatmeal, and was quite content with the world. 🙂 Your post is bursting with ideas- the book sounds particularly interesting. Hope all is well!

  12. Ha…I just took 16 (yes, you read right – sixteen) of hubby’s shirts to the cleaners this morning…he doesn’t wear his long sleeve button downs during the summer and now that the weather is getting cooler, it’s time for them to come out of the closet…AND in the 14 years we’ve been married, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve ironed – it is something I really hate to do….I’ll do laundry all day long, but I do not iron….

  13. Molasses cookies sound lovely, but I’ll take the girl with one shoe, please.

  14. how funny i am reading that book right now too. it is very good! 🙂

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