Weekend things.

Happy Saturday everyone!

*If you have been participating in the Monday Prayer Request posts, please let me know if you would like your request updated, taken down or added to.  We want to know how best to pray for you!  If you don’t know what I am talking about…please visit HERE and our latest MPR post HERE to get an idea.  Please feel free to send me any requests you may have and you will be added to the list.  Anyone is welcome and you can remain totally anonymous if you like!  Email me at justaspoonful@gmail.com if you have a request or any questions at all…

*Stop by Monday afternoon for a sensational giveaway that I am doing hand in hand with the new company RUCHE.  It’s going to be outstanding!  This company is great and their “people” are about the nicest! Don’t miss out.

*Thanks for all your feedback on “The Attic” sale.  I appreciate some of you being concerned that we were selling all of our furniture in order to pack our bags and move.  As much as I wouldn’t mind saying “adios” to Southern California at times, this is where God has us right now and we are staying put.  I have been estate sale/yard sale shopping for years.  Most of the time when I am out on a Fri/Sat morning, I am looking at things with an eye for someone else.  I knew that at SOME point, I would have a large sale/store/gathering and would be able to sell all I have found to people that would appreciate it.  So, I began collecting and saving items I was given, found or saw on the side of the street.  Hence, “The Attic“.  I hope it is the first of many sales I am able to put on.  

At any rate, I am very excited about it and think that you will really enjoy yourselves if you are able to make it.  Who doesn’t want to walk around, mingle, stare at twinkle lights,shop vintage, eat amazing treats, sip on chocolate and meet new friends?  I know I do…..I CANT wait!  For more details, visit HERE.

*I know I have pumped up THIS site before in the past, but I will do it again.  Visit The BRIGHTSIDE PROJECT whenever you can.  It is put on by two of my bloggy buddies, Jules and Tristen and it is awesome.  These chics are cool.  I got an email from one yesterday, after some less than desirable blog situations and she basically reminded me that she’s got my back and if I needed her to round up the blog mafia….she was there.  I heart them both.  Go, read about it and play.  It’s a great place.

*What are you doing this weekend, by the way?  I hope something fun. We are off to a wedding today.  A childhood, family friend is getting married in Temecula and I am so excited to see old friends.  Tomorrow I get to teach my Sunday School class again and then hang out with friends.  A good weekend indeed.  You?



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5 responses to “Weekend things.

  1. Wish I could come to your Attic Sale, but I think it would be a pretty long trip from NC just to go shopping – not sure hubby would go for that!!

    I spent my Saturday hanging out with my girls…we had a girls day out and did some shopping – they thought it was great that it was just the three of us with no little boy in the mix.

    Hope you’ve had a great Saturday!

  2. I’m so excited to be the cashier at your sale. =) You know what I’m doing this weekend. I spent a good hour + hosing down and cleaning up my backyard for the shower tomorrow. Yea, for weddings! =)

  3. I sent your sale info off to a friend in LB, so I hope she arrives! Her name is Jen and she has a cutie baby boy named Hank!

  4. Hey!! I am looking forward to the Attic…. Hopefully I don’t work… aarrgghhh… Pray for Juan he is going into Afghanistan today…. 😦

  5. Luann

    prayer request again: husbend and i are both unemployed. PRAISE for the financial provisions the Lord has blessed us with this week.

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