a state of mind.

My plans of having a cool, crisp and rainy fall, have been thwarted.  It is 85+ degrees here and I’m not super happy about it.  

While I can’t control the weather outside, I CAN turn on the A/C, shut the curtains and make it a Fall wonderland inside.






Please tell me you are pretending that it is 60 degrees, too…



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16 responses to “a state of mind.

  1. Whoever gave you that candle must be super cool.

  2. Your Brother

    I forgot that Satans time of the year is coming…. 😉

  3. You’ve inspired me! I’m home from Wales on Saturday, and after that it’s officially AUTUMN in the UK Yankee household! 🙂

  4. Nicole

    I am having the hardest time getting into my fall spirit- even with how much I love it. I too just wish this heat would go away- far, far away! As for decor- I have a handful of pumpkins that I am just dying to find the perfect place for!

  5. noelle

    i decorated for fall too – but the fall feeling is starting to wear off. unfortunately though the only room we have a/c in is our bedroom – so we have had a lot of family dinners in our room. so sad – but at least we have one cool room! pumpkin cookies look yummy 🙂

  6. 85!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? i am coming to where you are, the temp at my house says 103!!!!!!! i am wishing it were fall but the shorts and tank i am squeezing myself into would suggest otherwise. 🙂 cute decorations though, happy fall!!!

  7. Amy

    Why yes, yes I am … however did you know?! 🙂

  8. I’m so with you! We’re supposed to have our Fall family pictures taken tomorrow, and it’s 80 and humid so I’m doing some major wardrobe re-thinking here! Can’t decide if we should do Fall pictures in Fall clothes and just be a little toasty, or do Fall pictures in short sleeves and shorts!

  9. I’m pretending! I made pumpkin bread on Monday even though it was blazing hot out. Which then made my house horribly warm, which made my A/C run longer. But it was so worth it!

  10. It is around that temp here! It even got down to 39 degrees this morning! I LOVE FALL!

  11. Dad

    I love Jonathan’s comment about Satan’s time of the year!! I think we need to have a scary Halloween party and watch “Chucky” or something like that:):) HAHA!! Hey Jonathan……BOOOOOOOO!! By the way, Satan’s time of the year is anytime the Dodgers play the giants and UCLA plays sc and our teams are on the “Good side”:):)

  12. I so wish that it was cooler here…it’s hard to get into the fall spirit when it’s still “summer weather”…although now that Nutcracker stuff has started again, I’m starting to feel that fall is on it’s way.

  13. Oh LOVE the orange typewriter, Rach! And all your decorations. I have to flaunt the fact that I actually have better weather than my Cal. friend at the moment 😉 It’s perfect San Diego weather here right now.

  14. Michelle Eastman

    If I had a/c I would have it set to 55 degrees, wear a sweater and jeans, drink hot tea and call it FALL.

    But alas, I am filling my kids swimming pool and dipping my feet in to keep from sweltering.

    Oh, the joys of the OC.

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