stacking blocks is HILARIOUS.

*I apologize in advance for the sideways video.  I’m pretty tech savvy, but don’t know how to edit video YET.  So, just arch your neck to the left until you have slight pain, and you should be just fine*



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4 responses to “stacking blocks is HILARIOUS.

  1. Brenna

    She cracks me up!!

  2. Stacy

    You can’t help but smile when you hear her laugh! Too Cute!

  3. AmyLoo

    Oh my! I could watch this over and over! She is hilariously cute!

  4. Lori B

    She is such a great block stacker…I think her time in Guppies has helped her…she has always loved to stack blocks with Terri and me in Gups! 🙂 Just a proud Guppies worker! 🙂

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