the before and after.

The dust is GONE.  Thanks to some heavy mopping, sweeping, swiffering and elbow grease.  It all paid off…the floors, baseboards and DIY projects look great and Sean and I couldn’t be happier.  





During (this is when I wanted to stick hot pokers in my eyes):






2009-09-20 at 19-03-30


We put a 2 foot frame around the master bedroom and had carpet installed in the middle.  Something funky and warm.



The spare room is totally empty.  Can’t say that Im hating that.  


We had a few things patched in the bathroom and some new hardware (faucets etc) put in.  I learned how to install a shower head too!  Against the nudging of some people I know, we didn’t get a bathroom remodel.  I know that “modern” is in right now, but I am in love with the original tile this house came with, and won’t get rid of it.  We even had the toothbrush/soap holders ordered and installed to bring back the early 60’s feel.  


My new favorite room in the house.  FOOD NETWORK needs to have a show in here.  Only 5 people would watch, but I swear, I want to eat off these floors.  

2009-09-20 at 18-41-13


A new home for all my suitcases.  Ready to be packed and whisked away to some foreign land.


2009-09-20 at 19-01-55


And… of my favorite things we did…..our first DIY project (well, kinda).

This was the closet at the end of our hallway.  Kinda weird and non-functional. And full of fingerprints ALL the time.  And it used to be a gun closet.  Creepy.  I’m just sayin.’. 



And we turned it into a mini-office/workspace. No longer will the laptop and bills be sitting on the kitchen counter!



2009-09-20 at 18-34-22


I’m so happy with it.  I’m still playing with the idea of wallpapering/painting the inside, but this was exactly what we envisioned and will be much more functional for our living space.  

I am so happy it is done, and have really enjoyed (in spite of the dust) the learning process of “how” things are put together and taken apart.  I didn’t realize how much of a diffrence new baseboards can make.  I highly recommend cutting/painting and installing your own–it’s not too difficult (we paid to have ours done, so I could learn “how to”) and totally a DIY project you can do! We also worked with some great people, who I will use again in a heartbeat and recommend to anyone if you need painting/woodwork/tile-work or general handy-man services.  They were efficient, fast, reasonably priced and kind. 

So, there you have it!!  Our “new” house.  We are enjoying it so very much….


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26 responses to “the before and after.

  1. jenn

    it looks amazing!! i LOVE the bedroom floor and the work station…so great!!

    where is the dining room table?? did i miss it??

  2. LOVE it! We have those textured wood plank floors and they are my favorite.

    I loved seeing a little peek into your house.

  3. Rachel! I LOVE love LOVE your ‘new’ house! I wish I could see it in person, it looks AMAZING! I love your closet/study – I think that’s an awesome idea for more space, and your bathroom is adorable – never change the tiles, I love the vintage feel of it!

    And you learned how to change a shower head? You are a manly woman! 🙂

    So now that your house is finished and lovely, are you going to start packing up those suitcases to come visit me??


    the workspace is an ingenious use of space!!
    never would have thought of that and it’s so cute tucked away right there!
    the floors look absolutely fabulous and i’m loving the color!!!! it makes it that much more warm and inviting……also brings out the wall colors too!!!
    totally diggin on you have re-arranged a few items and it looks so good! can’t wait to come see it in person!!!
    Congrats on your “new” place!!!

  5. andrea

    I just realized, I think we have the same original floorplan as your house! Ours was added onto in the 70’s, but I’m sure it started the same. Now, I can totally envision what you did 🙂

  6. AWWW! Love it! Good job! Your hard work was worth it! I love the green paint!!!

  7. Please please PLEASE don’t get rid of the bathroom tile EVER. I paid $$$ to try and recreate an old tile design in our house in Berkeley. They don’t make it like that anymore- such a treasure…

    I like the reading nook – such a cozy space!

  8. Joann

    Great job on keeping things original in the bathroom – it is charming and delightful…just like you! We did a large addition on our house, doing most of the work ourselves, and began the process the year we had the 100 year rains. Lots of fun stories! Enjoy your home and your sweet family.

  9. Jennifer Hughes

    I love the new floors. I think that its funny that I have the same tile in my bathroom.

  10. looks simply amazing!! and i love the new light fixture in the hallway too—though i did like the chandelier too. i think it’s definitely worth the 2 weeks of yuck!

  11. Kat

    WOW!!! What a difference, I love it!!

  12. Congrats! AND I would def be one of the 5 watching that cooking show! I love the floors in your kitchen, I hope to have those floors in MY kitchen! and the tiny gun closet/office is very inspired!


    Miss B

  13. Looks great! I say I’m a modern/contemporary girl, but I love the old school charm as well. More like, a vintage shell, with contemporary furnishing for a comfortable eclectic vibe. LOVE the color of the floors, the ones in our house (originals from the 50s!) are the same color. And of course, the closet looks great.

  14. It looks amazing! (Looks like a lot of work too!) Hope things are getting back to normal for you.

  15. I love the color of the floors…beautiful! And great idea with the closet, it’s a perfect use of space. Wonderful!

  16. Lynn Seeden

    I love the floors, and I am totally in love with the original bathroom tile. It’s perfect.
    And repurposing your closet to become a computer niche was brilliant.

  17. It all looks completely fabulous Rachel. I think you are so clever to come up with the mini-office idea.

  18. WOW! I love it! I love the color of your walls too–so serene! Nice work!!!

  19. Hi Rachel! I jumped over from Joanne’s blog. Love the redo. Did you do the floors yourselves? We had to pullup our kitchen floor and are trying to figure out what to go back with? Any wisdom you learned during your remodel would be greatly appreciated. Again, love it! Looks great. Love the border of wood and carpet in the middle. What a neat idea. Have a blessed day!

  20. Elma

    I love it all!!! Such a beautiful job:)

  21. WOW! What a transformation. Hope you love your hardwoods as much as I love mine! I couldn’t imagine going back to carpeting or a lot of tile.

    I LOVE your office space. So creative and functional – enjoy all of it.

  22. Andrea

    Your house looks beautiful. I love the hardwood floor. I bet it was pretty crazy during it all but what a great result.

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