Reunion Revisited

Remember when I mentioned that Sean’s family was having a reunion and I would post pics??

Here they are!

It was last weekend and it was a hit!  Sean’s cousin Heidi organized the entire thing and she outdid herself.  

Like I said, I had the opportunity to meet Annike (finally!) after talking online for over a year.  

Here is a photo of the two of us (and yes, those are glowsticks we are wearing).  It was SO good to be able to actually talk with her…I just love you Annike!!!


Here is a picture of our immediate family.  Guess who’s child decided to fall face-first into concrete that morning?  Awesome!


It was a wonderful time getting to know new faces!  Thanks again, Heidi.


Speaking of reunions….

I am meeting JOANNE  tomorrow!!!  Can I be more excited?




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3 responses to “Reunion Revisited

  1. But when one is wearing a polka dotted frock, one’s battered face is not even noticeable.

  2. I didn’t realize you “knew” Annike! She is delightful. In fact, I am looking at a postcard she sent me, which I still have on my fridge. She and I met last year. Love her.

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