gun shy


One thing that this home renovation has taught me, is that I enjoy learning about construction, demolition, creation and home design.

Of course, I would rather be learning it at someone elses’ house so that THEY could sit under 3 inches of dry wall dust, but still.

I didn’t know that I would enjoy learning about all this “guy stuff” so much.  When we drywalled our entire garage (and built a seperate room in it), I was hugely pregnant and irritable.  Even still, I was amazed at how basic the process of dry-walling is.  I’m not saying that it is “simple” or “easy” to do….just that the concept isn’t as complex as most people assume.  We had a wonderful friend from church come over and between him, my husband and my husbands best friend….they demo’d the garage, wired new electrical lines, drywalled, built a seperate room (that isn’t crooked or anything) and installed new lighting.  I was impressed.  

Even more impressed that it really isn’t rocket science.

Hear me now….I’m not saying that this stuff isn’t difficult.  It totally is.  And more so than that…it’s kinda daunting.  BUT…it’s like anything–once you get the hang of it, you are golden.


If you know me, you know that I’m not afraid. I’m not really afraid of anything (sometimes I am afraid of the dark when Sean is traveling on business…).  I’m not afraid to try new things and fail.  I’m not shy with new adventures and will try most anything, at least once. Painting, new decor, bright colors, new fixtures, new food, weird outfit, speaking in public.  Whatever.

I feel like the same goes for home renovation.  I have a very “sure, why not?” attitude about things.  I don’t mull over choices for weeks that render me frozen. I just pick and don’t think way to much.  First instinct.  I always pick what I like and that is that.

I just want to jump in there and do it.  Learn and do so by experiance.  

I kinda want to rip out all of the tile in my bathroom and re-tile by myself.  

Maybe I will.

I’m not gun shy.

Are you? If so…what about?



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6 responses to “gun shy

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  2. So what is the next project?

  3. Nicole

    I could help you tile- I helped my dad cut all the tile for the Garlands:)

  4. Kat

    Wow, well if you ever feel the need to come redo something at my house, I wouldn’t complain =o)

  5. I am totally a waffler. I am the worst about making any kind of decision. I hate to do it, in fact. My husband will ask me where I want to go to eat on my birthday, and I will ask him (or think),”Where do you want to go?”
    I hate any kind of giving directions. I don’t like to be in charge. You can imagine that parenting is a bit of a challenge… 🙂

  6. hmmmm….i’ve been thinking about this.
    i don’t think i’m gun shy – but I am definitely indecisive. I usually go with my first instinct but do like to have a second opinion – ususally so I can just go with what i liked in the first place =)
    mostly its about what to eat for dinner or what to put where…..I don’t always see the forest for the trees if ya know what I mean.
    But for the most part – I will try almost anything once. Especially when it comes to experimenting with my “look” and “style”.
    I’m not afraid to try and fail. Cuz you never know what works until you try right?

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