send them in…

By the way….thank you to all of you who sent emails/mailed me packages/called me/sent an e-card today.  It meant soooo much to me.  I felt loved and special.  It was a wonderful, perfect, great day.  Aren’t birthday’s so much fun?  Tell me when your’s is, so I can celebrate with you!


Don’t forget to send in your prayers requests for MONDAY PRAYER REQUESTS.  I have already received some, so please send it in by tomorrow night so we can include you!  For those of you who have already had requests that have been posted, please send me any updates that concern them, as we would love to be encouraged by positive updates, or continue to pray for you if you are still struggling.  

If you are kinda lost as to what I am talking about, please watch THIS post!!  

Let’s pray for one another!!


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