in a layer of dust.

Get ready for an analogy.


Our house is an utter mess.

 It’s empty, with an exception of a couch, crib and mattress.  There is a layer of white dust everywhere.  There are cardboard boxes lining the paths we walk.  Extension cords, wood planks, dry wall equipment and hammers lay on the ground.  Random ants are crawling in the sink, looking for something buried under the piles. Closets’ are barricaded and stuffed animals are stuffed into crevices.  The garage is bursting at the seams and the laundry is piling up.  The floors are filthy, covered with nails, wood shards and dirt.

Common construction site.


This is how it has been for about 5 days and will remain this way until this same time next week.

I have learned that as much as I will love the end product of this project….the mess yields me literally unhinged, flustered and beside myself.  I am easily irritated, grouchy to Sean and Kensington.  A complainer.

And I find that this is exactly what I am like when my relationship with Christ is messy.

When I don’t make time for Christ, serve His people, read the Word, pray for others and talk to Him daily…

My heart becomes a construction site.  

Dirt builds on top of dirt. Things are left out with no specific place.  My mind is messy.  My soul is displaced. Complete disorder. 

Without my daily injection of the Lord…

I am purposeless, frustrated.

A mess.



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7 responses to “in a layer of dust.

  1. Jen McConnell

    You hit the nail on the head. I find when I don’t make time in the morning to have my quiet time, the whole day is just a little askew. I don’t feel right and I hate it. I need my time with him to get ready for the day. He is my “cup of joe”…along with several cups of joe! Ha ha!

  2. Amy

    It’s true. But good when you see it. What gets us into trouble is when we know longer see our lives in disarray … we look right past the dirt and go along our merry way …

  3. Great analogy…thankfully His mercies are NEW every morning……the crud can be removed by Him gently doing His work of remodeling in our hearts.


  4. can i just say that i dig the fact that in the midst of chaos and clutter, you find peace and clarity?
    thats awesome

  5. Mary

    That IS a good analogy. I would have to agree.

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