work in progress

Work has begun and my house is in complete disarray. 

And I’m not even exaggerating.  All our furniture (except mattress, crib and oversize piano) is outside, dishwasher is unplugged, clocks aren’t working, TV’s off, dust is all over the place, large and small pieces of tile are kinda scattered about and all of the stuff that was randomly in closets, is now on our back lawn.  It’s lovely.

But I seriously DO NOT CARE at all.  

I’m just excited for how this is all going to turn out.  

Our kitchen currently (the workers informed me that our kitchen tile is extremely hard to demo.  i offered to buy them lunch):


The entry way after tile demo:


My next semi-DIY project will take place with THIS closet (the one with the glass):



This is the weirdest, most bizarre enclosure.  It’s a door jam that sits on a larger glass door.  It has no handle, so you have to pull from the top to open it.  Oh, and the previous owner used it as his gun closet.  

I’m not joking.  He literally had multiple guns in there.  It smelled like gun powder for the first year we lived here.

So, can anyone guess what I am going to do with this space?  I am almost as excited about this project as I am the wood floors and baseboards!

I look forward to showing you the end result.


So, that’s a small update.  Kensington and I are going to be out and about this week (and next, it looks like) because there is no way we can be at home.  Spending alot of time at Grandma’s house (thank goodness she has a crib for naptime!) and going to the park and various outings.

After this is all over, I look forward to getting prepared for the “Attic Sale” in October.  If you are in the So Cal area, please drop me a line for details!


And a HUGE P.S.!

Did I mention that Sean’s family is having their reunion this coming weekend?  Well, they are and in addition to having a great time and meeting tons of new faces, I get to FINALLY meet Annike!  Can’t wait to give her a squeeze.


Another P.S. So, a P.P.S.

It’s my birthday on Saturday (I’ll be 28+1)  I almost like birthday’s as much as Christmas.  ALMOST. And I’m an equal opportunity birthday-lover.  It doesn’t have to be MY birthday.  I like everyone’s.  They just make for smiles and happiness.  Like when I got a package on my doorstep from someone today. That=Smiles and happiness.


ok. bye.



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5 responses to “work in progress

  1. Can’t wait to see the finished product! Have a fun week out and about!

  2. debbie stoughton

    Hey, thanks for your reply. Have a great birthday!!! hope to see you at your vintage sale. love your bible verse for yesterday! take care. debbie

  3. You were smart to move out all of the furniture. The dust must be incredible!

    Happy Reno to you!

  4. elma

    Oh it will all be worth it:) I can’t wait to see it all done:) Have a wonderful day!!!!!

  5. Lori B

    Happy early Birthday. I forgot that your birthday is the same day as my nephew’s and a few days before mine. No wonder I like you so much…we are Sept. people! 🙂

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