coffee, vintage, sugar, shopping.





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19 responses to “coffee, vintage, sugar, shopping.

  1. Um, so I could ask for a plane ticket. Or something like that. You know. So I can be there. To visit. And buy stuff.

  2. Oh, how I would love to be there! One great thing about blogging is that you get to “meet” and know people from far away places; one thing that is tough is that you get to know and can’t meet people in these far away places!

  3. I’m putting this on my calendar…. and if I have any funds available on that date, I will totally be there! I would love some of your vintage luggage for photo shoots!

  4. A trip out there in October sounds lovely…but alas I will have to stay put here in the middle of the country and pray that you have a great sale! Sounds like so much fun! And adorable invite!

  5. putting it on the calendar NOW!!!!
    ohh i can’t wait to see all the treasures you have and maybe find something for my home too!!!
    loves it!

  6. Any chance for a sneak peek on Friday? 😉

  7. Oh how I wish I could say “hey I am going to be in the neighborhood, so I’ll stop by!!! “…..oooh, nothing like a little anticipation to keep us hanging and looking forward to that day!!! hmmm…….


  8. Jen McConnell

    Can’t wait!

  9. I predict a mob scene. Can’t wait to see the outcome!

  10. Kat

    Wow, what sparked the sale of your treasures?

  11. Janelle

    i love how efficient you are with your ideas. you have one, and boom! a evite and a little bit of blog magic later here we are…

    can’t wait!

  12. Your Brother

    If there is not a Dodgers game that day… Ill be there. I will be a “sales associate” I can wear like a CTL halter top and OP shorts to encourage ladies to stay longer and buy stuff.

  13. PS – LOVE LOVE LOVE my giftie! eeek! Youda youda best!

  14. OH MY GOSH! Wish I lived closer!!!

  15. Mary L.

    that’s hot, Jonathan. and I can’t wait!!

  16. Julie

    Ooohh… My birthday is the next day so it’s a perfect time to go shopping. Can’t wait!

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