no fear.


I ordered oysters at dinner tonight. I haven’t eaten them before, and didn’t know what my reaction would be. This picture sums up my general feelings of trepidation and slight nervousness, mixed with excitement to try something new.  Sean, Mary and Jason (along with the weird, stalker guy at the fish counter) watched as I slurped my first one down.

It was better than expected.

And I got to thinking.  That’s the way it is most of the time, no?  We make excuses as to why starting something “won’t work” or “later would be better” and never move, out of fear. We lose the battle to anxiety, public opinion or fear.

I have a few things that I would personally like to begin and have let excuses and fear put them on the back-burner.  No more.  No fear. Fear wastes my time.

I’m just going to pick up the oyster and slurp away.



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7 responses to “no fear.

  1. Oh you are so cute!! 😉
    I say Live out LOUD sweetie and enjoy!


  2. I don’t think I could ! One look at them…. Anyway, well done you ! Lovely blog, thankyou for sharing it with us. Best wishes for the week ahead….

  3. you’re braver than ever.

  4. Kat

    I agree…except with oysters….hahah

  5. Bravo! I find that when I get all brave about eating something new, I usually like it a lot. Except for cheese and mushrooms. My disdain for cheese and mushrooms is my worst characteristic. I really hate that about myself.

    Good work No. 17, good work.

  6. Oh, you are a brave one! Great post!

  7. definitely braver than i am. i have never tried oysters and never will – the thought of them just makes me gag….good for you though, stepping outside that box….

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