weekend highlights.

And the winner is of the Fall giveaway is: Brook Owens.  Thanks for dropping by the blog!


*I want to hug Ree.  She’s just givin’ things away.  Go here and enter.  Someone’s gotta win, right?

*Next on my list of “I would like to have that cookbook, please.” If you have it–give me a review!

*This was just a fun website and a great way to get kids eating healthy and happily.  I’m trying some of these next week!

*Shut up, I almost just cried when I saw this.

*My birthday is in 7 days (September 12th=cake!) and I would like some magic bird to drop this on my doorstep.  But I will be o.k. just staring at it online.

*Tons and tons of you have been emailing me and asking how I find my estate sales.  I use several forms of trickery, but this is one of them. Use it and get your “estate” on tomorrow!

*My friend Aaron has a blog named Apologetic Junkie.  It’s amazing and since I’m a self-proclaimed political junkie, I found THIS post very interesting, enlightening and educational.


And pssssst….

a little bird told me Miss No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane may begin selling the estate (vintage items, not the house). as in a secret, clandestine, private estate sale.

i can not confirm or deny this.



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3 responses to “weekend highlights.

  1. I am wondering if there’s a rug that says “SSSSH. Mama is taking a nap and if you make noise she will likely say something snarky that she won’t remember when she wakes up.”

  2. Amber

    Hey there,

    If you are interested in more info about our funding fathers and religion, my hubby’s uncle (who is a professor at a Christian college) wrote this book and I found it facinating and empowering (oddly enough).

    “UNCHRISTIAN AMERICA: Living with Faith in a Nation That Was Never Under God”… I have this book, let me know if you are interested. 🙂
    Amber V.

  3. Farm Chicks cookbook! Buy it! And make the apple pancake, yummmmmm-o! 🙂 Plus it is oh-so-cute to look at haha! xoxox Holly

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