I told you so.



She isn’t going to go into therapy because her mom wouldn’t let her wear a Jasmine costume. {she will go into therapy for a whole host of other reasons, but that is not what this post is about}




1.) We were given (yes, given) about 1000 square feet of flooring from a family friend.  Handscraped, beautiful flooring.  WAY nicer than what we would be able to afford ourselves.  So, we are getting out of dodge next week (and when I say that, I mean we will be going to the park and grandma’s house) and having our house ripped up (tile demo and new baseboards put in).  I’m also going to do some cosmetic changes in the bathroom on the cheap, so it will be a very DIY bathroom remodel and I will share the results afterwards.  This is what it looks like currently.  This is our living room, kitchen and entry way.  And you’re welcome for me putting away the baby gate and taking professional snap shots. Oh wait….




I’ll show you the results as soon as I can!  They start next Tuesday.  I am a very happy camper.


Sidenote #2

Upon visitation to my friend Emily‘s house, I came across a kitchen gadget that I may love and want to marry.  She has a Delta “No-Touch” faucet for her kitchen sink.  


Amazing and totally tremendous.  

Seriously people, if you are thinking about doing a kitchen remodel or just need a new sink…Or if you just want to buy one so you can have it in the future-DO IT.

All you do is lightly tap it and the water comes on.  The same to shut it off. And at first I was like, “This is ridiculous!  How lazy can someone be?  All you have to do is reach your arm like 10 inches and turn a knob!” Honestly…it is so much easier.  And if it shaves off 3 seconds each time…well, that’s just more time for me to eat a bon-bon.

It also comes detached and has a rather long coil so you can wash your entire sink with just the spout part of the faucet.  I think that I ignored Emily most of the morning, as I proceeded to tap, play and waste most of California’s water supply.  Sorry, Arnold. 

Anyhoo–Go buy it.  It’s pricey, but totally worth it (well, to me it would be).





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11 responses to “I told you so.

  1. Should I mention that I did NOT buy my “pricey” kitchen “jewel” as it was a gift from a family member with connections. But I would buy it if money was in abundance. I do love it though. Can’t wait to see your new floors. I am sure they will be gorgeous and make your house feel like new. Sometimes it is the little things that make the biggest change. I promise to come over with slippers when I come to see them so as not to scratch their beauty. Happy Renovations! 🙂

  2. * She won’t be in therapy, she will be Snow White at Disneyland. 😉

    * I can’t wait to see the new floors!! So exciting!

    * That faucet sounds amazing! What a fun new toy!

  3. dianarush

    I love the outfit! She is adorable, and will probably thank you later that she wore cool clothes! And I also love free/discounted home improvements! Good luck with the flooring!

    (Emily, that is a pretty cool faucet!)

  4. She is adorable, and I am so excited for you that you are getting new floors! How cool is that????
    hope it goes smoothly and quick.


  5. supposed to say smoothly and quick LY…..;)


  6. Your baby is really quite adorable. I want to twirl my fingers in those pigtails. She is just too much. I need a baby girl.

  7. Oh my goodness! She is just way too cute in those pigtails!!

  8. remodeling makes me giddy!

  9. Oh no! We’re flying in on Wednesday, and I was hoping to see your fabulous past DIY projects sometime Friday!

    Ah well, we’ll just have to take you out for some good Mexican food and great conversation before the reunion kicks off that night! CAN’T WAIT!!

  10. Michelle Eastman

    I am SO glad you and Emily had time together – I know how rare that is for you and I am sure you both felt equally blessed and refreshed after some good conversation, laughter and faucet envy.

    You are good together.

  11. she will NOT be in therapy about her clothes…..other “issues” are a whole other comment! =)
    the shirt & the leggings are too cute tho!
    you know I LOVE a good DIY project and can’t wait to see how the floors turnout!

    and the faucet!!!! ohhh that just makes my heart sing. something so simple, yet so exciting!

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