oh, how I love you, September 1st {so much I’m giving things away}

My kid is seriously a marathon sleeper.  She is taking 3-4 hour naps in the afternoon. Growth spurt, I’m thinking.  Thus, mums has time to do the housework, cooking AND some fun projects.  And still have time to plop down and blog it out.  

Why do I love today so much?  I will tell you (act like you care, please).


I went and got my Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning with a girlfriend and when I came home, a reader, Erin, clued me in on a recipe to make your own Pumpkin Spice Lattes, in a crockpot.  


DID YOU HEAR ME?????????

Make your own today.  Recipe HERE.


I’ve said it before, but I’m in love with succulents.  And I’m not about to spend the 20-50 bucks you have to at boutiques/stores for a prearranged bouquet.  No maam.  I’ll make it myself.  And so will you.  Right after this post.

So, I just got anything glass I had at the house (old flower arrangement vases), bought some rocks at TARGET for 4 bucks and clipped some succulents from my backyard.  VOILA.  Easy as that.  Seriously–go do it today.  And if you don’t have succulents in the back, go buy them (like 2 bucks a pop), or just come on over and get some from me.  And I will make you some tea, too!

Fun, festive and chic foliage for the house:



My friend MaryAnn sent me a package in the mail.  I love mail so very much that it could have been a box with packing peanuts and I still would have been happy. But no.  In true MaryAnn fashion, it was full of bits and bobs.  Books and magazines and wonderful treats. I can’t even tell you how thrilled I was to open it and look at the treasures one by one.


And look!  Puffy mini-pillows: GASP!


Hello cuteness.


I got this today:



Who wants to throw on an apron and cook with me?  First recipe will be sampled next week.  It will be delish.  Or I will burn down the kitchen.  Either one is a possibility. 


I am so stinking giddy about Fall that I want to send gifts to everyone I know.  I want to buy boxes of school supplies, markers and crayons and hand them out to every child in the neighborhood.  I want to make Pumpkin Spice Lattes for each of you.

But since I can’t, I am going to put together one MOST MARVELOUS package of fall-ish goodies.  Vintage delights. Exciting trinkets and glitzy wonderfulness. Perhaps some Pumpkin Spice love.

You want it. I know you do.  

Comment and tell me anything you like about the season: recipe, fun fact, movie etc. before the 4th and I will draw a name on the 5th (my sweet niece, Charlotte’s birthday).

The winner will be announced on September 5th.  





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54 responses to “oh, how I love you, September 1st {so much I’m giving things away}

  1. I know I’m a girl, but the honest truth is my favorite thing about fall is football – high school, college, pro, everything! I’ve even been known to watch it when I don’t care who wins and when my husband is sick of football – and he loves football too. Go ahead, say it, I’m crazy.

  2. Michelle Eastman

    Rach – I love that you do these posts because your energy and enthusiasm is CONTAGIOUS!

    I do not even drink coffee but am tempted to make it just because it has the word pumpkin in it and sounds fallish. ;o)

    My favorite part of fall is that it exists! My traidtion is to watch Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea every fall to get the school spirit back in me. This year my boys will watch with me!

    I love the cooler weather, the gorgeous trees (in other states), the fun clothes … it is such a perfect bridge between summer and winter. God did a GOOD thing when He created fall!

  3. I love the fall colors and smells… Okay and all the decorating that goes with it!


  4. Nicole

    I was thinking about you today as I got pieces of your birthday present….so can’t wait!!!!! I also want some of your plants!!!! Do tell me how they grow. One of my favorite things around this time is a pumpkin muffin recipe I got from Joanne. It makes the best muffins that you can freeze and stick in the microwave for 10 sec when ever you want a tasty treat! I soooooo can’t wait to get the boy’s halloween costumes and see pumpkins and gourds all about. I too share in your giddiness for this season.

  5. Oooh how I love fall! My favorite season!

    1) because its cool and crisp and there is a need for scarves and hats and deliciousness like that. And I tend two write more and better. And I actually wrote a story in November about a fox who drank pumpkin spice lattes…

    2) food. Warm food tastes so much better when its cold outside. Lots of warm, hearty meals to be had.

    3) Erin–I agree with you on football. Don’t hate me but I was raised by my Texan mother and brainwashed to be a Cowboys fan. And there’s October baseball with my Angels headed for the pennant…

    5) I got married in the fall…almost two years ago now!

    6) I could make this list really long but I’ll just end by saying that yes, fall is amazing and often and maybe tonight I’ll write an ode to it.

  6. Cute love the succulents!!! I want to make one in a vintage tea cup. Super cute!

  7. First of all…did that recipe say it was gluten free!?! I think so! I’m so doing that as soon as it’s cool enough to drink something hot. And what an awesome blog, I could totally use more slow cooker recipes, I’m a bit inept in that facet of cooking. Corned beef and cabbage is as far as I’ve gotten.

    Speaking of pumpkin, one of MY very favorite things about the season is our annual pumpkin carving party! BYOP! Carving pumpkins was something that got lost in my family for quite some time and when my little brothers got old enough I decided it should be reinstated…only better. Every year my family and whatever friends want to come join, get together for a night full of messy pumpkiny fun and then we dine on roasted pumpkin seeds while we marvel at our handiwork. Sometimes we finish things off with a good ‘ole scary movie. Gotta love it! I also just love anything pumpkin flavored in general and I make some killer GF pumpkin chocolate chip bars. My mouth is watering just thinking about all of it.

    I’m totally jealous of your new/old cookbook! I so want one too, and like you I want the real thing, not with movie stills on the front cover. That just won’t do.

  8. Amy

    Autumn, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways … I love the way you hint about your coming in the air. I love your royal colors of pumpkin, spice, and crimson – the perfect backdrop for God’s amazing paintstroke. I love the way the sun sleeps longer; the days get shorter. Big, comfy sweaters. Falling into a pile of leaves. Oversized mugs of steaming delights. The dance of candlelight. I love the way cooler weather provides the perfect setting for snuggling up to a good book … penning a letter … baking … long evenings in the company of friends…

  9. I *heart* September 1st because it means my birthday is very very soon! As in September 7th soon!

  10. Kat

    I love fall because I get to start planning my girls matching halloween costumes, I CAN’T WAIT! Serena said she wants Chloe to be Cruella Deville and She’ll be a dalmation puppy. How funny will that be a 2 year old cruella, fur and all walking along with a 7 year old “puppy” in tow! HAHAHAHA

  11. Mrs. Erica

    Pumpkins, squash, the color orange, scarfs (light airy ones) boots, decorations, crunchy leaves….

  12. on the first day that there is a hint of cool in the air, I officially make the first batch of chili……until then, I do make some fallish muffins, and come on over to my blog and get the recipe for Apple Cake w/ Caramel Sauce…oh my lands….. I LOVE fall, too, but I will wait at least 3 more weeks or so before I pull anything fallish out for decorating….can’t wait!


  13. jenn

    my favorite thing about fall is LAYERS! i feel so much more fashionable in the fall, maybe it’s because i can do more with my “look” :). boots, scarves, jackets, hats…i could go on and on…

    i also can’t WAIT to cook some fall treats…i’ve really only embraced my inner cook in the 8 months, so i can’t wait to try some fall recipes that will for sure become my future fall traditions!

    PS-i will be taking you up on the succulent and tea offer 😉 and Brooke, i LOVE the vintage tea cup idea…i have several that were my grandmothers…SO excited to make that happen!

  14. Mail doesn’t get any better than a package from Mary Ann! I love many things about fall – the changing color of the leaves, wearing warm sweaters and scarves, but not a winter coat yet. I hate winter coats. They make carrying around a child nearly impossible.

  15. Oh goodness. There’s so much to love about fall. The crisp air, the pretty leaves, fresh apples, fresh apple pie . . .

  16. I {heart} fall too! I loved Michelle’s tradition of watching the Anne movies. I am so going to do that while I am folding laundry tomorrow!

    I love winter clothes. Scarves and hats – in fact, I just got a new haircut that I think is going to look so fabulous with my new cloche. I can’t wait to debut it! I love scarves too! I have entirely too many.

    I love that I can make soup now. I really love soup – a lot. So much so that I couldn’t wait for September. I made one of my favorites yesterday.

    I love pumpkin and that I can make pumpkin cookies now and not get weird looks.

    I love all the colors of leaves when they start to change. Iowa fall colors are WAY different from Arizona fall colors.

    And I really love that my parents are coming to stay with us in October – I hope the leaves start to change colors in time for their visit!

  17. I love fall clothing, all the layers, and scarves. I love peppermint mochas from Starbucks. I know you can get these all year, but they’re much better in fall. I really want to try that recipe you linked up. I love when the leaves start to fall out of the sky, love to look out the window and watch them. Apple Hill is my favorite time of year (apple orchards that are by my house, they open up in the fall with goodies like Carmel Apples) great post!

  18. Liz

    I love just about everything fall related! The weather, the decor, the hot apple cider, knowing Christmas is just around the corner!

  19. emily e.

    Oh goodness. Where do I begin? First of all, FOOTBALL season! We love football in this house! Second, my birthday is the 23rd (often seen on calendars as the first day of fall…sometimes the 22nd, but in my heart it’s always the 23rd). And third, I love the idea of cooler weather, although we have a long time to wait in this neck of the woods! So many more things to love, but I’ll stick with those for now :o)

  20. My favorite thing about fall is jackets and sweaters! I also love playing at the park during the day – it’s perfect weather.

  21. Luann

    i love the word september. i love the school supplies. the way they smell. i miss getting a new back to school outfit right now. i love that it’s getting darker sooner. i love that it’s fall!!!

  22. I like September because my birthday is the 27th. I like fall because it’s not so hot and the air gets crisp and the leaves are so beautiful.

  23. Mary L.

    HARVEST!!! It was you who showed me the joys of this time of year several years ago! 🙂
    PUMPKIN SPICE LATTES ARE AT STARBUCKS ALREADY??? I must go there IMMEDIATELY!!! (You are getting me pretty excited.)
    I adore the clothes as the weather gets cooler: layers, scarves, long sweater cardigans, wool coats, knee-high socks, and tall boots.
    I love pulling out my yummy smelling candles and making recipes with anything pumpkin or apple in them. I can’t get enough of watching the kids come to school dressed in new clothes with new backpacks and sharp pencils.
    Thanks for sharing your love of fall!!

  24. There are so many things I love about Fall. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread, coffee (okay I love that year round), pumpkin carving, windy days (just not Santa Ana winds), school supplies, cold mornings, darkness at dinner time, soup & grilled cheese, baking, and on and on I could go!!!!

  25. I am just like you – I love September… I love fall. Freshly sharpened pencils, binder paper, hot hot hot coffee in the crisp mornings, the color of plum and rusty orange, golden leaves, trees becoming nAked, football on ALL THE TIME, and new cool-whip flavors at the grocery store.
    It’s true it’s true!


  26. I love that you can still be outside all day but have your windows open in your house too. I also love the Pumpkin Spiced Latte…I have to go get one today 🙂

  27. Dad

    Erin’s comment was the best….everything else just paled in comparison!! FOOTBALL!! Now that is what fall is all about!! How about a Blue and Gold Latte??!!

  28. Fall means:

    (1) I can finally break out my sweaters again

    (2) I can watch my beloved UCLA Bruins (hopefully) win a game or two – and this year perhaps I will watch at the Rose Bowl!

    (3) the excitement of back to school – Charlotte’s heading off to her last year of preschool before (gasp) kindergarten next year…

  29. Yes, I want it!

    Hmm…fall…what’s NOT to love? Sweaters, crisp mornings, apple pies, the smell of woodsmoke, colored leaves, soup, acorns, seeing your breath for the first time at night, scarves, penny loafers…I could go on and on.

    In short, lots of things NOT in Phoenix. Or not nearly yet, anyway. (Though Emma and I found some amazing seedpods yesterday and are determined to go find more today.)


    P.S. Are you free on September 20?!

  30. I love the crispness in the morning air, the acorns that we gathered this morning in the front yard, You’ve Got Mail, high school football, making apple handpies for the football games, pumpkins and leaves decorating my house.

  31. mocha_chick

    I’m excited for fall colors. I love when the leaves change and you go out for a drive and just get to marvel at God’s artistry.

    Remembering the day’s of high school and cross country season. I don’t run anymore, but stepping out on a cool, fall day brings those feelings right back and I WANT to go for a run even though I can’t (or won’t, or can’t, or won’t). 🙂

    And you can’t forget warm apple cider with a cinnamon stick. YUM.

  32. lauren

    of every blog i read, yours is my favorite because you are just so much fun!

    here’s my (short) list of favorite fall fun:
    1. college football
    2. scarves
    3. school supplies
    4. warm mugs of coffee
    5. buying that first box of hot cocoa mix
    6. cuddling with my hubbie on the couch UNDER A BLANKET!
    7. the season’s first pot of chili
    8. turning the AC off and opening the windows
    9. tailgating!
    10. cleaning out the coat closet
    11. the rain comes back!
    12. stocking caps on my little boys
    13. lighting the chiminea
    14. wool socks!
    15. new tv shows begin!
    16. adding quilts to the beds
    17. bonfires
    18. soups, pies, crockpots simmering…
    19. pumpkins on porches
    20. dreaming up halloween costumes!
    21. my husband’s faculty picture (he’s a teacher)
    22. changing trees and falling leaves
    23. planting pansies!
    24. fall foliage garland
    25. swapping out the clothes for jeans and long sleeves

    *man…i could go on…I’ll stop here! 🙂

  33. Janelle

    i’m ready for a fall afternoon of crisp leaves, scarves and a walk with you! latte in hand of course (fellowship cancels out the calories in my opinion – double up on the whipped cream!)

  34. I love september because it’s the start of fall and sweater weather. I *love* the crispness that starts to appear in the air.

  35. Elma

    Oh I love fall to:) The color weather the grass seems to green up and the leaves changing color:) I love the cooler weather and putzing in the garden. ‘m not into holloween but I love to put out pumkins and fallish decorations. Please put my name in for the goodies:) Oh and I LOVE the movie fireproof.

  36. gina

    Autumn has totally changed for me since I started staying home with the munchkins. As a teacher, it was soo different than it is now and I’m trying to adjust. I’m always a bit sad when all the school supplies start surfacing at the stores and the kids on the block start talking about what the new year will bring. I soo want to go out and buy new fun things to decorate the classroom, organzine to my hearts content, brew coffee in my classroom, talk about what fun adventures I had during the summer with colleagues, and buy new clothes.

    You’re making me excited about this time instead of kinda sad. I love autumn weather and I love autumn fashion. I’m getting excited about fun projects related to Fall that I can do with the kiddos. I’m excited about soup and fresh baked bread (just received a book called, Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day…yep). And, I’m looking forward to open windows.

    Love ya Rach. Thanks for the Latte recipe…it’s “cooking” as I write.

  37. I love fall. Maybe it’s because my birthday is in the fall?!? I know, my birthday excitement probably should have ended in my childhood, but it stuck!

    Other than that though, my husband and I have a deal that we started last fall. He always wants to watch football, so I let him watch as much as he wants, but anytime he’s watching football, he also has to watch our daughter. That way, I get to do whatever I want!!! It’s a perfect arrangement as far as I’m concerned!

  38. As cliche as it is…I love the leaves changing!! I am hoping to get Allikaye’s pictures done professionally this year among lots of leaves…so i can frame it and have it up year round…I am crazy for those fall leaves!
    Oh – and I am heading to Target in the morning!

  39. Lynne

    Oh my gosh where do I begin…I LOVE fall, it IS my favorite season. I grew up in New England and to have had the pleasure of viewing the skyline almost blackened by the shear number of birds; all kinds all shapes all colors flying south for the winter, the Canadian Geese were and still are my favs, they do the retreat south ever so gracefully. Also to listen to the crunch crunch of crisp leaves under foot as I stomped through the woods in my backyard as a young girl, oh yes and the smell of rained soaked leaves too is oh so yummy. I have been in SoCal for 30 years now but still to this day late August arrives and my itch begins the itch to don sweaters and the desire for cool crisp air…and the Pumpkin Spice Lattes aren’t half bad either. Is that an Apple Pie I smell…

  40. Amanda Green (vintage ruby)

    my favorite fall memory is when we lived in maryland…the changing fall colors, driving at night down a windy road in the middle of nowhere with corn fields on either side and a surreal harvest moon in front of you that looked like a prop on a movie set. i also loved going to a REAL pumpkin patch and picking my own pumpkin off the vine followed by a hey ride with a cup of hot apple cider….mmm, cider! cool down please, so i can drink some cider!

  41. Hi! I love Fall too!!! w00t! I think it’s super fun you’re doing a give away in the honor of Fall! I hope to win! Thank you!

  42. You already know that I thoroughly enjoy the warm weather and thoroughly dread the rain. But…if I am really honest there are things I do love about the cooler weather months. Since I love wearing jeans, I do like that they are a staple in my fall/winter wardrobe. I like not sweating at Disneyland. 😉 We really enjoyed our first fireplace last winter so I look forward to that again this year. I could really go on but right now the thing I’m looking most forward to is drinking hot coffee again. It’s just been too hot for it lately and I miss it. Happy coming fall, my friend! ♥

  43. Pingback: Prayer request/giveaway reminder. « no. 17 cherry tree lane

  44. noelle

    fall is one of my favorite seasons – when we lived in MD the leaves were absolutely gorgeous! i do sometimes miss the changes in season – especially when i pulled out my fall decoratations this past week & was sweating while i was decorating. but nevermind that…i love the fall! pumpkin lattes are a MUST! I think my favorite thing about fall is that it is the beginning of the holiday season – from Halloween to Thanksgiving and then to the best time of year CHRISTMAS!! I can’t wait! Fun post – i think I may have to pick up the Julia Child cookbook – right after the movie – I went on amazon – but didn’t like the movie book jacket – nice to know it looks vintage underneath! Oh yeah – I love the Owls too:) have a great weekend!

  45. Carrie

    The things I love about fall are:

    ♥ Celebrating my wedding anniversary (5 years this year!)

    ♥ Baking my pumpkin bread

    ♥ Picking out pumpkins at the pumpkin patch

    ♥ We are that much closer to Christmas!

  46. falll???? we have that here?
    going to do my top 10 in list form:
    1) i’m obsessed with crunching the leaves that fall to the ground. I remember jumping in piles of them as a kid while visiting my family in the midwest….and even in college when I lived in GA.
    2) because of said obsession – I LOVE when the leaves change colors. something about the gradiation from green-to-orange-to-red-to yellow makes me smile.
    3) hot tea! I love it and it starts my morning off right!
    4) candles. I burn them all the time but its just not fuun in 85+ degree weather!
    5) new boots!!! even tho i despise “real” shoes 90% of the time….nothing gets me going like a good fall boot selection
    6) FOOD! this is the best time of year for it! all the yummy get-togethers and holidays = a prime eating time
    7) its my fiance’s birthday in October and I always look forward to that!!!
    8)having an excuse to sit inside and cuddle up by the fireplace with a good book!
    9)baking! I love to bake! and making my family yummy treats is much more fun when the weather is cooler and it “calls for it”
    10) change! I love to re-arrange and when the seasons change, so does my decor!!!! I love to mix-it up and the look on Babe’s face when he comes home to a “new” house makes it all worthwhile!

  47. Kristi

    Because it’s NO longer


  48. Oh Yay! I love fall wreaths, fall smells, fall foliage, the Rocky Mountains in fall, drives through Rocky Mountain National park, seeing the elk and moose in RMNP in fall and being together with friends and celebrating God’s goodness in fall.

    Obviously, I am way behind on reading…so I need to read about your prayer post now. I think my blog break will open more time for reading and soaking up the wisdom of my friends. Love to you!!

  49. Hi! I am in love with your site! It’s gorgeous!
    Now…on to Fall. I’m kind of embarrassed to admit this but “we’re all friends here,” so here goes…
    I love having a reason to switch from shorts to pants (preferably sweat pants!) =) But here’s the really pathetic part…I lie about being annoyed that I HAVE to wear pants. So there it is. Fall allows me to be a little frumpy but get away with it under the guise of cooler weather and warmer layers. Bring on the crisp air!

  50. I’ll hop on the fall love band wagon. I love fall first and foremost because I get to use nutmeg and pumpkin pie spice more. And eat pumpkin. Yum! Although I could do without falling leaves, they are beautiful when they are still on the tree and looking at them makes me happy. Finally, the cooler weather is so wonderful after the hot muggy summer days!

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