Sunday Supper

Sean and I love our families.  The older we get, the more we realize how much they mean to us.  Everyone is different and unique.  Different talents, viewpoints and ideas.  Personalities that mesh (and some that clash from time to time) and make us better.  Make us think.  Make us stronger.

We decided that once a month we would have both of our families over for dinner.  One Sunday night a month.  Dinner, chatting, laughing.  And a game of original washers (our new favorite thing-thanks Jake!) to top it off.

Tonight everyone came over and laughed, played and reconnected.  A beginning of a wonderful tradition.  The only thing that was missing were my wonderful parents.  Surgery stinks, but he is doing really good (and of course he is trying to walk without his crutches!) But they will be with us next time.  

I was so happy.  So at peace.  So “at home”.

Family is one of Christ’s greatest blessings.

2009-08-30 at 18-18-16

2009-08-30 at 18-26-51

2009-08-30 at 18-37-18

2009-08-30 at 18-36-36

2009-08-30 at 18-39-06

2009-08-30 at 18-41-14

2009-08-30 at 19-11-41

2009-08-30 at 19-14-00

2009-08-30 at 18-17-47

(all pictures taken by my sister Melissa, who just launched her business’ new website-check it out HERE)



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10 responses to “Sunday Supper

  1. Your Brother

    Alot of fun and great pics. Send me the one of janelle and I?

  2. Wow, you are so blessed to live near so many family members!! Ours are so far away. But the church family here treats us so well. Another blessing! I do miss the biologicals, though. 🙂

  3. Thanks for having us – who knew washers would be such a hit? We’ll be sure to bring it next time.

  4. I’ve tried that washer game. It is HARD!! Looks like you all had fun. 🙂

  5. Michelle Eastman

    You will never regret this commitment – even on the days when you are “not in the mood”

    The memories and connections you make will serve to comfort you and encourage you for years to come!

  6. well you know how I feel about “Soulful Sundays” so this is right up my alley.
    there is something to be said about having a houseful of family, loved ones and yummy food that makes you forget any “issues”.
    glad u all were able to enjoy!!!

  7. Terri

    What a great follow-up to yesterdays sermon….
    your family’s
    “Monthly Maintenance Meals”!

  8. Kat

    My parents moved here from Massachusetts before I was born, and so did most of my dad’s family. However, I had no 2nd cousins, or great aunts and uncles, just a few aunts and uncles, 1 set of grandparents, and a few cousins. I love that my kids now have such a big family, such an extended family to love them. I am so glad that you, Sean and Kensington have that too!!!

  9. What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday! Hope you have many more wonderful Sunday’s with your families! And those pictures are great. Your sister is very talented.

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