Prayer Vlog

See HERE for initial post on our new prayer chain.

email me:

*Fellow bloggers: You are MORE than welcome to share this on your blog and direct them here!  I would love to hear from ANYONE that needs prayer!



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7 responses to “Prayer Vlog

  1. Miss Cupcake

    Hooray! you posted a vlog! and for such a great cause. It really is a wonderful idea 🙂

  2. Rachel, I totally love you for doing this! I will definitely check back every Monday and add my prayers – I know this will make such a huge difference!

    I have one request that won’t go out in time, and it’s just a little thing, but could you say a prayer for me? I have another (6 hour) drive to Wales on Sunday, and driving long distances on the freeways really makes me nervous, and I get panic attacks easily anyway. Could you just say a prayer that I get up there safely without panic or fear? Thank you so much – it means a lot to me!!

  3. Great idea – the “church” really is just all of us believers coming together to support each other. Thanks for heading this up. I know I need prayer and when I can focus on others and pray for them, often my problems are put into perspective.

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  5. Hey Rach. Your haircolor turned out great 😉

    Love how the Holy Spirit is inspiring you with this idea. I’ll send you a request for next week.

    I just wrote a new post, I’ll head back and add a p.s. for you!

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  7. Rachel!!
    1st, your bangs?? Are Adorable!

    2nd–Love your heart for the Lord and for praying!!

    3rd–So glad for your Dad’s surgery going well! Continuing to pray for him.

    Last? I totally cannot find you on FB. Add me, ok?

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