things, prayer and cake……and an idea.

First off.

My dad has surgery today at 1:45pm.  I would love prayers from you.  I know that he is nervous. I spoke with him last night and could tell.  I mean, WHO wouldn’t be?  I will keep you updated on what they find. (Is it weird they are cutting into him and taking things out to “figure out” what it is, or is that just me?)  I feel bad for him.  I’m sure he wouldn’t be keen on my “pity”, but it just stinks.  Having to go in for surgeries and not really know when the process will end.  I mean, I’m nervous and it isn’t my leg getting chopped into.

So, please pray for my dad.  And my mom as she waits.  Oh, heck.  Pray for Jonathan and I too.  Because holding it together when you are nervous and scared, is hard work.



I rearranged my cabinets yesterday, during Kensington’s nap.  I am major blessed to have lots of cabinets in our kitchen.  And nice ones to boot.  The previous owners had a cabinet maker in the family, so we got HOOKED up. I wanted to clean them, and make things more accessible.  I have been on the look out lately on ways I can make my house work most efficiently.  After all, I am working here now and I want it to be a well-oiled machine!  The more organized things are, the more efficient I can be at my job.

So, it went from this:


To this:


And from this:


To this:


This system works SO much better for me.  The cookbooks are at eye level and easy to grab.  And all of the spices, baking supplies are lower, so I don’t have to get a step stool each time I want to find the nutmeg.  It works SO MUCH BETTER.

I post this for two reasons.  1.) Re-think your cabinets.  I think that we sometimes get in a routine because the glasses have ALWAYS been in one cabinet and the bottles and paci’s have always been together in the, “3rd drawer down on the left hand side”.  Change it up!  It made more room and easier navigation.

2.) I need a cute/fun/easy way to distinguish the spices and oils from one another.  I dont want to have to play “WHERE’S WALDO” each time I bake.  Any ideas besides sticky circles on top?



My friend Noelle likes to cook and bake. Everything I have tried has been GOOD.  Her husband brought over a piece of cake and a note yesterday.  I wanted to eat the cake first and read the note later.  But. I did it in the right order.  Noelle said that the piece of cake was a THANK YOU in exchange for introducing her to the PIONEER WOMAN.  It was a coffee cake recipe from her site and she thought I should get a piece.  It was goooood.  

I’m telling you–I have tested about 20 of this woman’s recipes and they are ALL GOOD.  All of them.  


So…Go now and be transformed into the best cook on your block!   Thanks Noelle!  Dessert was fabulous!



Simple, healthy and fun meals are key.  I want to make original meals that are good for my family and don’t cost an arm and a leg.  One of my favorite meals lately (since it is BBQ season) are margarita pizza’s on the grill.  You can get pizza dough at TJ’s or Fresh and Easy.  I get it at F&E and it is $1.50.  It rolls out to be huge:


And I top it with pizza sauce ($1.29), mozzerella cheese ($1.99), tomatoes and basil from the garden. The beautiful thing is that you can get two pizzas out of the cheese and sauce from the store!


Healthy, cheap and easy!  Done and Done!

Share with me your favorite easy dish.  Please.



My darling, little rapscallion is 18 months old today.  Time is flying by. I am loving all of it.  She is a joy beyond words.  What a big personality in such a little body. I adore you, Miss K.




I have been thinking alot about prayer and how it works.  It heals, (even when things are “solved”) it helps and it brings people together and closer to one another and to the Lord.  Often, I feel that there is a personal benefit to praying for others because I am connected to them, feel closer to the Lord and I am obeying the Lord’s commandment to intercede for one another.

People need prayer.  

People are broken, hurting, angry, lost or going through difficult times in their lives.  It is inevitable and it WILL happen to each of us.  

God doesn’t promise perfection and roses on this earth.  But He DOES promise His love and mercies.  He is there and ready for us to come to Him.


 I thought that, once a week, I would have a post on prayer requests.  They can be as simple or in depth as you want.  I get that not everyone wants their picture next to a secret request, but it can be as simple as your name, blog and the name of a family member that is hurting or something you are dealing with. Or not even your name. It’s up to you.  I can make anything work.

Im sure this seems personal to some people and I suppose it is.  But I also know how HUGE it has been for my family to see the support I have received from you guys.  It has lifted my spirits and made me realize the POWER of prayer.

So, I want to return the favor.  (and… you know, obey the Bible)

Let’s pray for one another each day and I will highlight the requests on MONDAYS.  Email me, comment me, FaceBook me.  Just let me know how we, as a community, can pray for you. 

And let’s watch God work.



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17 responses to “things, prayer and cake……and an idea.

  1. I’ll definitely be holding you and your family up in prayer today. Praying the doctors will find whatever it is they need to and be guided as to the next steps.

    And I love the Pioneer Woman…I’m an addict. Her flank steak recipe is amazing too.

    If you could shoot up a prayer for my best friend (since we were 6) and her husband. They dated for 6 years, were crazy in love and now, not even 10 mo. into their marriage, she’s wanting an anullment. Both are believers but something is majorly blinding her right now. She’s “over it,” which just isn’t how marriage works. Its breaking my heart and in a week I’m flying down to be with her and my parents are flying in from Oklahoma to counsel them. I think the only thing that can save her is carpet-sucking prayer.

  2. Kat

    1. I’ll be praying for you dad
    2. I love that you rearrange your cabinets. I don’t have much drawer or cabinet space, so I’m kinda stuck with what I got (after all anything breakable HAS to be out of Chloe’s reach, she is a bit of an explorer) so I’ll live vicariously through you.
    3. Yay that Kensington will be in Minnows, Chloe already loves the videos you post of her, now they can play together on Sundays =o)
    4. My prayer request would be extra time in my day to work on curriculum, I really feel like I need a few more hours every week than I actually have.

    • Kat

      So funny story, like 10 minutes (if that) after posting this, I had a friend who not only offered to watch my kids while I go to the Dr, but offered to keep them longer in case I “needed to do anything else.” God is good, I will get my time today!

  3. 1.) Of course! My phone is already set for 1:45 pm. 😉 (although I’ve been praying already)
    2.) L-O-V-E the organization…I’m thinking about how did distinguish what’s what.
    3.) YUM! Noelle, I will be happy to pass along some recipes if you’ll cook for me. 😉
    4.) We love TJ’s pizza dough. Most of my meals are pretty easy since I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen. Last night we had one of my favorite 5 minute meals….no cooking, just preparing. Aidel’s (sp?) teriyaki-pineapple chicken meatballs, pre-cooked organic brown rice (both from Costco), packaged salad (with broccoli & tomatoes thrown in) with balsamic-vinaigrette.
    5.) L-O-V-E her!♥
    6.) Please pray for our city officials as they decide how to handle the budget. Unfortunately they seem to think that cutting into the emergency services budget is wise…obviously this hits close to home. Thanks, friend!

  4. praying here for your family…and what a good idea for Mondays. Count me in, although I can’t always get to the blogs early on Monday since I go help with the quintuplets. I will check after 4:00 though.

    Your little bit is adorable…


  5. Praying for your dad and for your whole family. May God calm ALL of your nerves and be with the medical personnel as the operate.

    Love the idea of setting an alarm Shanna! I am so forgetful but I really like to pray as things are happening. Is that 1:45 Pacific?

    Happy 18 months Miss K!

    I saw that Coffee Cake recipe on PW’s site and thought I HAVE to try it! Now that you like it, I really need to give it a go. Just need to make it for someone else cuz the hubby doesn’t like coffee OR cake – crazy, I know!

    Prayer request – My hubby is back at med school now, commuting an hour each way every day (not a lot for most, but here in NE, that’s a long way!). Please pray for his safety as he drives each day and for a great second year of school!


  6. 1) am definitely already praying for your whole family. you all have been in my prayers especially this week w/ all that is going on there.
    holler if ya need me.
    2)well u know i’m OCD and organization makes me happy. thats the BEST thing about this kitchen, i have so much cabinet and drawer space that everything has a place and i can reach what I need w/ out a step stool.
    3)cake looks good. will have to check out this pioneer woman you all keep talking about.
    4) F&E ROCKS!!! I was there yesterday (as usual) saw the dough and was wondering what I could make just so I could by it. Now i have a fabulous idea for my party Sat.night!!!! Thanks!
    5)Miss K is ADORABLE!! she is getting SO big!
    6)my prayer request is just for my family. pray that we are able to see where God is guiding us and allow ourselves to be molded to his will.
    love ya

  7. Will be praying for dad and for your family!
    Love your re-organized kitchen and the cake from Noelle looks divine!
    My favorite, easy, summer dinner is sauteed vegetables (zucchini, carrot, broccoli, bell pepper, sometimes picked from the garden) in a white wine-butter sauce with pasta and parmesan cheese. Yum! So quick, easy and delicious!

  8. I will be praying for your Dad!

    I’m making that cake right now. It looks sooooooo yummy!

  9. Rosa


    Hi there! This is your cousins wife in Texas. We’re praying for your dad and hope his recovery is quick!

    I really enjoy your blog and think it’s awesome that you are asking for prayer requests. We really need to be lifting each other up in prayer on a regular basis and how can we do that if no one shares? So, I wanted to say “Thank You” for doing this.

    I do have a prayer request and it’s not for me, but someone I know. I play in a flute ensemble here in Texas and the lady who leads it needs to be lifted up in prayer. Her daughter, Becky (who is old enough to be my mom), was diagnosed with uterine cancer recently. Yesterday Becky talked with her doctor and found out that her cancer is a Stage III-C, which means that this is a very strong cancer that has spread. Her uterus has been removed, but the cancer has already spread to other areas in her body. She will be undergoing aggressive chemo and radiation to try and rid her body of the cancer. The doctor’s told her there is a 50% chance she’ll live for at least 5 more years. Becky is an amazing women. She is not scared to die, but is sad about how hard this is on her family (husband, children, siblings, parents, etc.). Even as she faces this uncertain time, she continues to find ways to praise God and I love that! So, when you think of Becky please lift her up as well as her family.

  10. AmyLoo

    You and your family always have my prayers. Just said one for your dad. Love what you wrote about the power of prayer- so amazing and comforting to know we can find such peace through prayer. I love your blog, love reading it because it always seems to find a way to encourage me in one way or another. I always look forward to reading it! And happy 18 months to your little darlin- every moment is so precious, it’s nice to see that you cherish them.

  11. Mary L.

    I like several people’s lists in replying, so I will follow suit!
    1.) Still praying!!!
    2.) You’ve inspired me to go clean out my closet! I am going to weed out and find things I forgot about. 🙂
    3.) My friend, Andrea, just made the Pioneer Woman’s chicken scallopine and she said it was fabulous, so I am making that next!
    4.) Current favorite easy meal: romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, a piece of grilled or poached salmon on top, and the Brianna’s salad dressing with Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing drizzled over everything.
    5.) Happy 18 months, Miss Kensington!!!
    6.) Pray that J gets a little bit more work, please. 🙂
    ❤ you!

  12. Pingback: prayer. « no. 17 cherry tree lane

  13. jenn

    You’re SO great friend!!

    You are in my prayers daily!!

    I would love to ask for prayer for my little chemo-angel patient. His name is Thomas and he is 8, he is undergoing treatment for Leukemia that has relapsed (he was first diagnosed and went through treatment when he was 5). Pray for his healing and his spirit, his doctors, his mom and dad Lisa and Ed and his 9 year old twin brothers Matthew and Andrew. They are out of state and away from their home as he is in treatment. I can’t imagine how hard that is on top of the treatment process. They are an extraordinary family with incredible faith and strength — it is truly remarkable. Their blog site is: if anyone interested it following his progress. Thanks for the prayers, I know that they will appreciate it!!


  14. I love the prayer idea, it’s so important and I’m totally guilty of not doing it often enough.

    For myself, my biggest request is continued healing for my back, especially with school starting next week. It’s the first time I’ll be stepping back into the real world in quite some time so I’m hoping it all goes well.

    Also, I’m searching for understanding as to why my favorite cousin, who I’m really close to, would even consider going to Hawaii instead of attending my wedding next year…let alone making the actual plans to do just that. I’m devastated. I’m not that close to much of my family, but I am close to her and I just can’t believe she won’t be there. It’s just not ok. She goes to Maui every year…sometimes twice! I’m only getting married once. Not cool. So I’m hoping it will all work out somehow and she can come after all.

  15. Great post…looking forward to hearing more about your dad.
    Cabinets-awesome idea.
    Kensington-18 months is so much fun. It does go by so fast!! Keep taking pictures. 🙂
    I love the prayer idea…these things have been floating around in my head for a while as well after reading about one family’s tragic circumstance several months ago and seeing how God used it, through their blog. And prayer. I’m thinking about it some more-thank you.

  16. noelle

    we will definitely continue praying for your dad and family.

    glad you liked the cake 🙂

    Miss K is ADORABLE!

    What a great idea for Mondays – perfect way to start out the week! Thanks for offering up your blog. We are so blessed to be able to share our prayer requests with eachother and share what is going on our lives. Plus – just from reading the requests – you may find that you are or have gone through something similar that someone else is going through now – and may be able to offer comfort / support during this time 🙂

    I do have several requests:
    1. My brother, Scott, has cancer for the 2nd time. He is 41 years old and has (3) kids. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors, strength / healing for Scott as well as peace of mind for his family.

    2. Our family – we have a daughter entering 6th grade and a son entering 4th grade. Please pray for my husband & I – for wisdom & the patience necessary when raising kids 🙂 & for the protection of our kids – both spiritually & physically.

    Thanks again!

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