“The American Dream”





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  1. Jon

    For me this Grant Wood classic depicts a different time. Although there are still small pockets that this is a true representation of a self sufficient, independent farmer. This guy has been pushed out. Most farms in America to are owned by big corporation and conglomerates. Today Americans and America for that matter, is reliant on others. Other people, other countries and other nations. Now there is a growing trendy movement to “go off the grid” to become self sufficient and self sustaining again. Like most things (even platform shoes), they come back into style if you wait long enough.

  2. Do you know the song by Casting Crowns?

    People are so caught up in achieving the “American Dream” that they forget the most important things.

    My “American Dream?” For America to know Jesus and put Him first, their family second, and everything else after that. What a wonderful America that would be.

  3. Kat

    I think too much of the American Dream these days is wrapped up in this awful saying:

    “Whoever dies with the most toys wins.”

  4. Amber

    OOoo Kat… I hear ya!

    I think (in my humble opinion) that the idea of the “American Dream” is very different for each individual person…

    For me… I believe I am blessed beyond measure and my life is better than my wildest “American” dreams. Some may say my life isn’t that great, that I don’t have enough “stuff”… but I am so eternally grateful to my heavenly Father for the riches He has bestowed upon me… So I am definitely living my “American Dream”.

  5. She kind of looks ready to impale him on the pitchfork. I wonder what he did?

  6. Interestingly enough, I just rcv’d a postcard with this very image from my very good friend. Apparently there’s some gothic air about.

  7. Don’t they both look exuberant? Haha, NOT. (oh flashback to 7th grade)

    In twenty years I hope that my husband and I can have our portraits painted in front of a white house and barn with a pitchfork…but grinning broadly.

    I find it interesting the small details of their gender and trade. His Sunday coat over his overalls as if he hastily tried to dress up, clutching his pitchfork and staring intently at the artist. She with her apron still on and her brooch pinned in place, yet one strand of wavy hair loose and she’s looking off to the side at her chickens running into her garden.

    A quick Google search for American Gothic reveals not just this image, but an array of cell phone-toting or camoflage wearing images. Interesting that the expressions weren’t changed though. We change our work tools and our careers but it hasn’t seemed to make much of a dent on people’s outlook of life. Makes me want to cheer the world up.

  8. I love the spirit of the American dream. I entirely agree that consumerism is a force that far too many of us have been caught up in. The original concept of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that our country was founded on created a dynamic, innovative, and resourceful society that has accomplished so many incredible things and has been such an overall positive impact on the world, despite the ill effects of greed and avarice. If that original virtue of liberty can be more properly restored then I think the American dream can be redeemed, and come to be again be idealized as it once was.

  9. Small tid bit of info. The two people in the pic are actually the painter’s dentist and sister. Go figure! Even the “american dream” painting is founded on false presentations!

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