the “others”.

I have been seeing that, at times, it is all too easy to focus on self.

Your sphere, your world, your people and your life.

I mean, it’s life and we have jobs, babies, friends, family and routine.

It’s what you do and what you focus on.

Alarmingly, I have noticed that most people are not focused on others, they are focused on themselves and what they are doing.  GASP.

Oh wait….I fall victim to this too.


I call MY friends and have events at MY house. I write on my blog about MY life. I do MY devotions so that I can have a better relationship with God.  I pray for MY needs, requests and trials.  I cry about MY problems and talk about MY struggles.  I ask questions so that I can better understand MY stage in life.

I mean, all that isn’t wrong, is it?

Not at all.

We all have lives to lead, people to care for and things to do.

But what about the “others“?

What about the people around you?  The people you come in contact with ALL THE TIME that are struggling?  What about the people that reach out to you, and yet you are too busy to do the same?  

What about them?


I got a note in the mail this week from someone, sharing her excitment that my dad’s biopsies came back clear last week.  I read it and almost cried.  

Not because it was the longest and sweetest note ever.  Not because it was uncommon.  

But because this person deals with serious, terminal illness in her family EVERY day and I have never written HER a note to tell her I was praying, even when I was.  And yet, she thought outside herself for me.


Sure, I write notes, send emails or call people and tell them I love them.  I try hard to show people I care. I do things for others.

But, is it enough?  

We have all the power to show love.  God’s love.  To one another. In so many ways.

And yet, we get wrapped up in ourselves.  Our struggles, our past, our life.

And forget about the “others”.

And, I’m pretty sure that most of the “others” have

bigger struggles

uglier pasts

harder lives


and we can make all the difference.

stepping outside of ourselves.  and thinking of others 




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7 responses to “the “others”.

  1. conviction is the very evidence that God is working on your heart…and that HE LOVES YOU, and wants you to be more like Him……so in a way, this is a good thing to think deeply like this. It is and will never be anything other than heart wrenching, or else we will have grown complacent. Heaven forbid that…….just keep checking your focus, and being obedient to God….He’s the ONE who can change our hearts…….good post!


  2. Just think JOY – Jesus, Others, You!

    I think I need a little more JOY! Great post! Thanks 🙂

  3. Kat

    Way to get all introspective, have you figured out where you’re to start yet?

    I feel the same way, sometimes I think of doing something nice for someone, and then I get distracted and forget. It’s an awful trait…

    In the book we’re reading for Bible study it talks about having an unhurried life, and one thing that it said which struck me was “Jesus was often busy but never in a hurry.” He was busy doing things, but never hurried which meant he had time for people, for interuptions, for life to break in and give him someone else to love. Sigh. To be that open!

  4. Michelle Eastman

    Amen and Amen and

  5. Michelle Eastman

    To be more succinct however …
    I was just thinking about this today after receiving a note from someone thinking I do not have enough time to give to others (in terms of meeting for dessert etc) because of my 5 children, ministry, homeschooling etc.

    My gut reaction was “I can sleep in heaven!”

    Sometimes we get caught in the “I do not have time to serve others because …blah blah blah” when the truth is we do not want serving to interrupt our OWN agenda.

    I cannot sacrifice my family but I can certainly sacrifice sleep and primping time and a myriad of other things that are not necessary for an abundant life.

    I want my life to count – to honor the Lord in the way I spent my time … and it is ALL about serving others. My God first, my husband second, my children third and then everyone else. I come last. (though when serving others your need for self rapidly diminishes as you find great joy and contentment in loving tTHEM.)

    It really is that simple.

  6. Your Brother

    If this was facebook I would click the “like this” button.

  7. Your a good egg, Miss Rach. It’s so true… so easy to get too wrapped up in ourselves. i do it all the time.
    But I’m happier when my life gets balanced and I extend myself to others. You have to give love. Lots.
    Happy Thursday sweets.

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