frugal francine’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

and that includes dying her own hair to save some Benjamin’s. 

Photo 30

Nah-Nu Nah-Nu.



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23 responses to “frugal francine’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

  1. dianarush

    I understand… I had to make that switch a couple of years ago too! Good luck!

  2. Your Brother



  3. Nicole

    I am taking family pictures on the 31st want to cut my hair?

  4. Now there’s some frugal francine-ness I can totally get behind infact I have to make a pit stop at target after work to collect my monthly box of Loreal Feria Expresso… my greys wait for NO man…

  5. Kat

    I’m with you…but I don’t have to do the foil thing…I guess thats the only good thing about being brunette

  6. ambs

    loves it!
    i shell out duckets maybe 2x a year and that is only for extensions-those I can’t do myself.
    and then try and coerce my hairdresser BFF to just
    “come over and press my hair”!
    have saved SO much money since then!!
    I actually need to color mine too!
    good luck!

  7. jenn

    welcome to my life. ROCK on FF!!

  8. I wish I could do this! I’m too scared! I’m convinced I will screw it up somehow…

  9. Just found your lovely blog…I adore your image…so so cute…yes sometimes us gals have to go through a lot to save a few$. I did the same thing and made such a mess of my hair I had to go back to my hair dresser anyways…off to read some more of your past posts! Happy day to you! Hope the hair turns out lovely!

  10. Kari

    Been coloring my hair for “20” that’s right people….”20″ years!! You are among friends my love!!

  11. I did mine for awhile but since my hair is soooo dark and I was just trying to match my natural color, I had to go for the “black” hair color, which of course gave my hair a slight tinge of blue. I am in desperate need of a hair cut and color from a professional – especially now that my hubby has made the comment that something needs to be done! Now he’s just going to have to pay for it! HA!

  12. Rachel, good for you missy!!! I do my own hair also!!! $6 bleach kits at Target totally beat the $120 highlights I used to pay for. AND I now like my hair much more! 🙂 I do the dye, my sister cuts it for me! I feel very frugal too, yay!
    xoxoxo Holly

  13. You are too funny. You still look cute though. That’s a good sign. Can’t wait to see what it looks like!

  14. Elma

    It cost soooo much to get my hair done so my daughter does it:) Can’t wait to see your hair:)

  15. I’m right there with Francine! So much cheaper and so many options!

  16. Dad

    You ought to see when I color my hair!! Oh that is right I don’t have any!! HAHAHA

  17. You look like you’re wearing a space age swim cap! Work it, girl…

  18. Well now we need after pics please. 🙂

  19. I hope you’re a happy blonde today… I did that twice, and never since. I was not a happy green-headed lady!!!

  20. Yeah, I wasn’t very frugal today, I caved and had it cut & colored at a salon…BUT, it’s the last time! When this grows out I’m going back to brown!

  21. LOL! I finally gave it up and for last year I started dealing with my own hair. I had been dying it since I was 15 years old.

    I love not having to deal with roots, but I’m not so crazy about the natural color; dark brown.

  22. This post cracked me up. You are too funny! I hope that the results were to your liking though.

    Have a blessed day!

  23. cupcakecarnival

    hA, money that can go to something else now 🙂 I have been coloring my own hair for years, it becomes easier ever time (easier not less messy) please being back the blog roll, and throw in a video blog again, those were fun 🙂

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