the art of scrawling.

I have never been a “journaler”.  At times I viewed it as just one more thing that sucked my time away from me.  I mean, I try to make time to clean, cook, play with my daughter, clean, iron, cut food, talk with my husband, clean, read my bible, see friends, write checks, clean….yadayadayada. How am I supposed to also find time to sit and write about all of it?

But lately….

I’ve been stretching myself to write.  I write anything that I am dealing with, struggling with, praying for and feeling.  I built about 5 minutes into my “quiet time” and write.  Whatever comes out, goes on the paper.  At times I wonder, “if someone reads this, are they going to think I’m as crazy as I know I am?”

Regardless, I’m finding this practice important.  The more I write, the more I realize that it’s important to compose this inner dialogue. When I write, expression becomes easier and words flow simpler.  I am able to articulate my feelings and emotions in a way that is less staunch or stunted.  I don’t have boundaries or someone interrupting.

Im finding this so valuable. The idea of sharing your thoughts and preserving them for the future.  To watch growth happen and be able to accurately time-line your life.  What went right and what went wrong.  Imagine what we can learn from ourselves!

Not to mention that I have been able to massage my composition skills.  And remember why the skill of writing was my favorite thing to “teach” when I was in the classroom.


So, I ask of you….

Those of you that journal:



What is the greatest benefit you gain from putting pen to paper? 



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7 responses to “the art of scrawling.

  1. My blog is sort of my journal, but I also keep a separate written journal for things that are too personal to publish. I write for 2 purposes, really – one, for me and my personal ‘therapy’ and two, for my children and grandchildren and so on. I write for me to see the lessons I’ve learned so I can avoid repeating them, and also to remember important events and things I’ve experienced that I want to be able to treasure. I also write for my kids and grandkids so they’ll know the kind of person I was. Hopefully they can avoid the same mistakes I’m trying to avoid, but at least they’ll be able to get to know me – I can’t do that with my ancestors; as far as I know none of them kept a journal.
    I’m glad you’re writing again! I know it’s a big help personally, and I know Miss K and any future kids will be glad to have the chance to know their mom better!

  2. noelle

    I go through phases – I always want to be a person who “journals” – but unfortunately life gets busy & I lose my routine. BUT – I think it is so important! I try to keep a prayer journal….unfortunately I often get ADD when I pray- I pray for someone – then a certain event would pop into my head & before I realize it I’m off on some tangent & not even praying anymore! So I started writing down my prayers – listing what I’m struggling with – listing my prayer requests as well as prayer requests of friends & family. When I take the time to do this – I find that I spend so much more quality time in prayer and my mind doesn’t wander like it does when I’m not writing down my thoughts. It also provides a written history of what I was going through during different times of my life – plus I’m able to see what prayer requests God answered – as well as what prayer requests I am thankful that He did not answer! Now I just have to stick with it! It’s always so sad when I see a date of June on the top of my journal & I realize that it’s August & I haven’t journaled! Self discipline!
    Glad you’re enjoying journaling!

  3. Michelle Eastman

    I keep several ongoing journals:

    * one book for each of our boys as soon as we find out we are expecting – I talk about the different stages (when they roll over, first words etc), prayers we have for them , funny things they say etc. A written biography of their lives to go along with all of the photos and video.

    *prayers and answer to prayers

    *words of affirmation and appreciation for my husband (his love language)

    * a thankful journal

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE writing and it is only through the written word that we can leave a legacy after we are gone. No one can know our thoughts, our heart, our struggles or our triumphs unless we document them. The greatest men and women in the world, who are beloved and respected, are only able to be that BECAUSE they journaled their lives. Biographies can show much but they can never show the INNER working of a person’s heart and mind. Only we can share that.

    Everyone needs to find some way to write …. by hand, computer, voice recorder … share who you are so others who come behind you may benefit.

  4. i actually blogged about this in april
    i LOVE to write. I find that sometimes it’s the only thing that gets me through. and there is something to be said about going back and seeing how far you have come as a person.
    my blog is an bit of an online journal but some stuff I don’t necessarily want the free world to view so i journal.
    i have two right now. a regular, this is my life and what i’m going through journal and a gratititude journal. and on occasion when the mood strikes I still have one for poetry.
    i was finding that a LOT of what I was writing was about negative things and rarely was I sharing the joy and positivity and the blessings I had received.
    One of my teachers encouraged us to do so this past quarter and I kept it up long after the assignment was due. I’ve found it helps me stay focused and “accentuate the positive while drowning out the negative”.
    When I don’t write I feel like I’m losing it.
    I super cerebral and live in my head a lot more than I do the real world so writing helps me stay connected and get back outside myself. get my thoughts out and move on!

  5. If I don’t journal? I am rather sure my head will explode from all the ridiculous, OCD thoughts. It’s a staple for me, like sweet tea and peanut butter toast.

  6. My goal for when my bible study starts back up again is to start journaling. I am hoping to incorporate journaling into the time when I’m working on my study. In some ways my blog is my journal, but not for the stuff that is really deep or plaguing me. I am realizing (all too quickly) that I need an outlet to express those deep down feelings that aren’t pretty…

    Good for you to have some quite time – I’m still trying to find time in my day for that. I know once bible study starts again, I’ll have some – I just need to make it every day…

  7. I would also say that our family blog is like a journal for me…although whenever I write anything down I have the tendency to think,”What if someone read this one day?” Then I end up writing for someone else rather than myself. Then I’m not sure if what I’ve written is authentic, in a certain sense. On the blog, I try to keep things light-hearted. It’s not possible always to be positive, because life isn’t like that for me; or at least my perspective and the way I see things don’t allow for me to be “Susie Sunshine.” I do feel like writing, even if I’m writing for an audience of sorts, helps with adjusting my perspective sometimes. As far as keeping an actual journal, a very personal one, I quit a long time ago because of what I mentioned above…I was never sure that what I wrote was trustworthy. You know? At any rate, I will say that writing each night (or close to it) helps me feel a little less nuts.

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