“The world’s mine oyster…”

That is how I feel when I walk into an estate sale.

So many possibilities and hidden treasures.  You really never know what you will see.  Who you will meet or what you’ll stumble upon.

While the sales were limited today, (I only visited two rather quickly) I still managed to find several treasures (at least I think they are).

Five of Shakespeares many plays, on LP.  Made in 1960.  There were almost all of his works available, but I was not able to afford all of them. I selected my five favorites.  Some I have read recently and was very excited to see still available.

Sidenote: I just began listening to the records and realized that one of the readers is Sir Ian McKellen.  Score!!



Each had a script and included lovely pictures.  Two dollars each.  Can you believe it?  I am excited to share these with Kensington when she gets older.  I have dreams of listening to them with her, bowl of popcorn in hand, while we both work on the same quilt together.  Possible??




I love Hemingway. My favorite of his works is A Farwell to Arms, but The Old Man and the Sea is fantastic.  I found a “school edition” (read: for kids) for .50 cents.  Again, for my child/future children.  A treasure indeed.


Vintage Tupperware makes me happy and I found a house that MUST have been a dealer of some sort, as there was about 100 different types and colors.  I wanted to go crazy and buy it all “just because”, but instead I thought logically (difficult at estate sales) and only got the things I will use on a daily basis.  Two for the fridge, one for my sugar in the pantry, one for my rice and a small pitcher for lemonade in the fridge.  


And lastly, a book from 1960’s, on entertaining.  It has party recipes, drinks and ideas.  It’s actually quite useful but the pictures are my favorite. A .50 cent pricetag made me snatch it up quickly.



I hope you all have a great weekend.  I am really enjoying the change in weather (while it lasts).  Gloom and wind makes me so happy.  I have already lit the candles, cooked some succotash and turned on “fallish” DVD’s.  “You Got Mail” is first.  Until Miss K wakes up…and then it’s back to buidling a Lego farm, which I gotta say is pretty fun too.  (Although Miss K decided the horse likes to live on TOP of the barn.  Ok.)




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15 responses to ““The world’s mine oyster…”

  1. Oh fun! I love the vintage tupperware – I so remember those colors from growing up. My mom still has some of her pieces in Avocado Green and Burnt Orange…

    Glad you are having a great Saturday!

  2. My mom has/had that EXACT pitcher. Oh the memories that just brought back. Weird how a picture of tupperware can fling you into your childhood. That was our orange juice pitcher…Minute Maid concentrate. =)

  3. Kris

    Hi! I’m a reader in the LA area… how do you go about finding the location/dates/times of these estate sales? I’ve tried craigslist but can never find listings that catch my eye.

    Thanks for your help!

  4. i had to change a setting – try it now and let me know if it doesn’t work…

  5. kari

    “if i could, i’d send you a bouquet of sharpened pencils” – watched it this afternoon!! My favorite, fall is coming, flick. Loved your post today too!!

  6. Oh Rachel. I wish you lived closer. I could unload a BUNCH of stuff!

  7. Kat

    Speaking of the Old Man and the Sea…I remember hating it, and as we played Apples for Apples at my Aunts house tonight, I threw it out for boring or something along those lines. My cousin also said she loved that book and just read it again. Maybe I was just a bitter high school student at the time. Maybe I should revisit it.

    What do you think of The Picture Of Dorian Gray so far?

  8. I’m going to come over and listen to some Shakespeare with you!

  9. Elma

    What wonderful finds!!! Love the tupperware!! Have a Blessed Sunday!

  10. I have the larger size of your yellow drink container! The stopper was lost when I was little, but I used to love to push the button in 🙂

  11. Oh yes, vintage tupperware is sweet 🙂

    And I’m a sucker for old books that are titles I love… right now I’m hoping to find an old version of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking, after seeing Julie & Julia! Gotta hit some estate sales, maybe, to find it at a good deal.

    btw, I love You’ve Got Mail in the fall too!

  12. What a treasure chest of goodies– estate sales are so much fun!

  13. Are you my long lost twin? Farewell to Arms? My fave book ever. I read it at least three times a year. Then I read Shakespeare for fun. Like a nerd. I am just about kicked out of my book club for said nerdiness and disdain for most books written within the past 50 years.

  14. i love love love love the records.


  15. Kristi

    The interiors of those albums are fantastic! I love the illustrations. Wish I could score a set, and Sir Ian. It couldn’t get better!

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