31 in review. {and too many videos}



Sean’s 31st was nice and relaxing.  Just the way he wanted it.

At the Reeves house, you don’t work on your birthday, so Sean was home all day with the family.  LOVE it.

We started out the day with breakfast and gifts.

I told Sean to do whatever he wanted in the afternoon, but he said he really wanted to wash the cars (his idea, NOT mine) and so the family spent the morning outside and Miss K helped with the washing.  We are firm believers in the whole “if you can walk, you can do chores” work ethic:

Sean and Miss K watched some soccer on Sean’s new soccer channel (thanks for furthering the obsession, Uncle Jonathan):

Then we were off to Disneyland with Jonathan.  Miss K is never bored when Uncle JJ is around:


(Above: My brother and some weird person that has abducted my husband and taken on his persona).

At some point, we thought it would be a good idea to buy Kensington a large lollipop.  Why?  Who knows.



About 15 minutes in:


About an hour later, with sugar pumping through her baby veins:

I don’t think she stopped moving and waving her arms wildly until we laid her down for bed.  She was totally hopped up on high fructose corn syrup.  It was hilarious.

All in all, a fantastic day, celebrating my husband and Kensington’s dad.  We love you, Sean.


On a somewhat related note:

I baked my first ever, REAL cake.

I can’t tell you how many cakes I have made from a box with the icing in a plastic container.  Numerous.  I worked with kids for years, so like 536 of them.

But I realized this weekend that I had never made an entire cake and icing from SCRATCH.  Ever.  Weird, huh?  

I decided that Sean needed an actual cake with a little elbow grease put into it (well, not ACTUAL grease, but you get me)

And I did it!  And I was so pleased with myself.

And If i’m being 100% honest…I had been having a hard couple days and baking it, seeing it turn into a sugar masterpiece….well….it made problems go away.  I’m finding that baking is very therapeutic.

Here is a picture of it.  I am so proud.  (and I have about half of it left if you would like to come over and try….)




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13 responses to “31 in review. {and too many videos}

  1. Janelle

    i would like to put in a request for that cake to be made again at some point where i am in arm’s reach.

    thank you.

  2. I LOVE that kind of frosting! Pinochi.. Pinuchi.. I dunno.. I just made cupcakes with it the other day, and they were so good, if you finished a whole one, you were sick to your stomach. I have a cake pan like that, and I have never used it. It’s probably SOOOO much easier than trying to stack a cake. I can’t do that. AT ALL

  3. bahahaha! i’m sitting here @ my kitchen table cracking up!!!
    how cute is miss k washing the car and doing a FAB job i might add. i too believe if you can walk or ask for it then you can help out around the house.
    and then dancing after her sucker kicked in? LOVES it!
    looks like Sean had a super birthday!
    what a lovely family you have!
    lucky lady!!!
    and the cake! good job!
    i love to bake – from scratch is always better than the box, and it IS relaxing/therapeutic….not too mention yummy!
    hope ur feeling better!

  4. We take birthdays off too. Even off school from time to time! And in San Diego, we’d take birthdays off school and all go to Disneyland. Nothing beats a bday there!

    And the cake? Yep, I could be there in about 6 hours if I left right now…


  5. Happy Birthday – I’d gladly help you finish off the rest.

  6. I want to go buy Grace a lollipop. Right. Now.

  7. Let me see if I can hop on a flight… That looks scrumptious!

  8. Disney music makes me feel the exact. same. way.

  9. I find that eating cake makes problems go away…especially if you are eating it with Shanna. 😉
    L-O-V-E the videos of Kenz. She’s such a crack up. ♥

  10. Kat

    Seriosuly, I think your daughter is hilarious, thanks for all the vidoes. Chloe loves them too.

  11. Okay, please send some cake my way!!! Glad you all enjoyed celebrating Sean’s birthday. I really like your idea of not working on one’s birthday. With mine being on Sunday, I wonder if I can get away with it….

  12. What IS that? I need it, now. kthx. 🙂

  13. I would love to come over and try it.. if only! My brother tells me, ‘you’re the only person I know who makes a cake from scratch!” I take it as a compliment– it is and it’s somehow very satisfying!

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